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Monday, April 28, 2008

Expelled, No Intelligence Allowed

The new film that is out in theaters now, with Ben Stein called EXPELLED, NO ITELLIGANCE ALLOWED is a must see!!

It is a documentary with some slightly humorous relief in the way of B&W film footage woven through the interviews and other video footage. This film is about the big business of Science, Education, Freedom and Fascism.

I don't want to give it away but it you are interested or concerned about any of the following topics you will get something from this movie!

The Jewish People
The American People
Taking a Stand /Being Informed
Human Rights
Religious Rights
Your Children's Education
(or even if you went to school/College!)

I encourage every teacher, student and parent to view this film! There is so much more to learn on these topics, but this film is a great start to inform the general public who wouldn't have otherwise known. This is one we will have in our library, when released on DVD.

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The Road Less Traveled said...

Just finshed watching it on www.youtube.com... I would like to watchit again without having to click play every ten minutes :-)