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Welcome to Home Shalom and Shalom Farm. We pray your visit here be blessed. We are learning to walk in the Ways (Torah) of our Father YHWH and follow Y'shua, His Messiah until He returns to "set things straight". We call it a "Messi-Life". Our walk is neither tidy nor perfect, but it is filled with passion, devotion and desire to serve our King. We are learning to be humble servants, and to be good stewards of the things that He has entrusted to us: His Word, our marriage, our children, our family, our community, our health, and our farm. Hitch your horse and stay a while--our door is always open!

The Gospel

So often we are taught a bullet point version of the "the Gospel" being the birth, death and resurrection of Messiah to save us from our sins. This IS very important and true, however...it so so very important for us to understand the FULLNESS of the gospel message that is threaded throughout the WHOLE book, so that we do not fall pray to false docterines of man and that we understand who we are and how we are to worship Yah and even live our lives.
 Below is a wonderful, thorough and lengthy walk through Scripture to help you see it. (An hour each part.) It is loaded with Scripture and may be a lot to process for some folks whom this understanding is new too. However, I want to encourage you to sit down and watch them both in fairly close proximity. Since they are long - Sabbath might be your best opportuniy to do this. I also recommend doing it with your spouse, with those you walk with and older children...becasue is it VERY important to understand. So that you may discuss it and increase your undersatnding together. You may even stop it along the way and search things out or take notes. We always encourage you to test whatever you hear against The WORD like the Barrians did as we learn to take repsonsibility for our faith-walk. (Acts 17:11)
 Please feel free to comment and discuss it below as well.

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