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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Parashot (Portion)

Parashot is the Hebrew word meaning "portion". It is the name of a reading schedule for Scripture that takes you through most of the Bible in a year. In Jewish tradition this does not include the B'rit Hadashah (New Testament), but for those who believe in Yeshua as the Messiah (Messianic) it does. This is the Parashot that we use, because we most definitely believe in Yeshua as the Kinsman Redeemer!

The readings are broken up into three categories of the Bible. 1. Torah (Meaning teachings - the first 5 books that give us the God's rules to live by.) 2. Prophets (God choosing people to deliver very important messages.) 3. B'rit Hadashah (The New Covenant, ministry or Yeshua and the first generations of Messianic believers.) The readings do not include "the writings" such as Psalms, Proverbs, Esther, Ruth, Choronicals, Danial, Song of Solomon and Ezra; so those are studied separately as one desires. (I don't know why.) The Messianic way is one of great study, commitment and devotion to YHWH and His Word. So this is not by any means the only study that takes place during the week, just that which is done as a community.

The schedule runs on the Jewish/Biblical Calender and includes extra readings for the Biblical Holidays (God's 7 appointed times, commanded by God to observe and remember. More on that another time.) It can be found on Jewish or Messianic Calendars or in the Complete Jewish Bible or online. There are some subtle differences in some weeks between Ashkenzic, Sefredic and Messianic Customary readings, but all are listed in the Complete Jewish Bible and are noted as such...We do them all. (Can one have too much of the WORD?? WE say NO!) :-)

There are two Holidays that are NOT specifically commanded by God but still celebrated by Jews and Messianic believers alike. Even though God didn't specifically command these holidays in Scripture like the others, they have been commemorated and celebrated so we don't forget the glorious things He has done for His people. These holidays are Hanukkah; remembering the miracle of lights (The story is found in the book of Maccabees. This can easily be found in Catholic Bibles or online.)and the Purim, which is the retelling and celebration of God delivering His people out of the hands of wicked Hamen through Queen Esther. The book of Esther is read (and often acted out in costume...which is very fun!), along with other designated Portions.

There are 54 readings on the weekly Shabbat Schedule to accommodate for a leap year in the Jewish Calendar. When it is not a leap year, the readings are shifted to "double up" in some places, so that nothing is missed.

The idea is that we study the portion in our daily devotions the week prior to the weekly meeting. Then the scriptures can be read corporately and discussed well, with everyone having done their "homework" and meditated on the readings through out the week. We love this! What an active way to go through Scripture together in community after having explored it in your own prayer closet!! It is a meaty portion, that is a bit more involved than "our daily bread" or even many Sunday sermons, but then again....so is the Messianic culture...

What I love so much, is that it is interactive. I suppose there are people who "skip it" in their daily walk like there are in every church, but for those who choose to do it...what a blessing! Above any title, above any association, we choose to be people of the WORD - to the best of our ability. I think if everyone did that, a lot of things would sort themselves out quickly amongst the divisions in "the Church".

I have heard people complain that they don't get to the "whole portion" on Sabbath(Let alone through the week)...that "it's just a little too much with little kids", (or insert excuse here); But for those who LOVE HIS word, and make it a priority and see it as a real treasure to be discovered, see it quite differently. It may take a little "getting used to" to form the habit, but we have found it to be a blessed thing, and we are learning to cherish it....

Now if we could find others locally who are willing to do the same.... I am going to try to make it a habit to list the current portion in this blog, in the upper right corner for anyone who is interested.

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Brasil said...

If you take bible verses out the of the context of the Jewish culture, you are missing most of the messages. This beautiful translation has deepened my relationship with the Word of God. I feel that I understand the "Bible Stories" of my childhood with so much more insight. It is a beautiful translation of the scriptures, and my heart rejoices when I read it.