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Monday, September 8, 2008

What do you use?

Because people know I do the natural thing, they often ask what we use to when we get sick. So I thought I would make a list of products I always keep on hand. I would like to get into making my own remedies, but until I do. I can recommend some things that we have come to love over the years of lots of experimenting and owning a healthfood co-op/store. Here are things things I always make sure I have on hand. I use most of these things on my littlest one starting at 1 year and up to adult.

  • Herbs for Kids It was a line developed by a mom and in my opinion is a cut above the rest. I have used them for 10 years from 1 yr up. Here is a link http://www.herbsforkids.com/ . (Horehound and Cherry bark are my faves.)

  • Traditional Medicinal Teas, http://www.traditionalmedicinals.com/ For the littlest ones, I let them cool off to warm and put them in their sippy cups (now regular cups for the big kids). I always have them in stock and they are good for parents too! :-)

  • I always have bulk tea on hand too, Rosehips, Hybiscus and Peppermint are staples. Fresh ginger and lemon teas are also very helpful.

  • Olbas http://olbas.com/index.html is extra nice if you are experiancing resperitory issues. We use ALL their products. They are exceptional! The inhaler is wonderful to carry in your coat or purse and cuts through stuffy nose symptoms on the go. I use the oil like a natural Vick's chest rub, it help open brochial passages. I also use it in the atomiser at night.The tea is so tasty and effective...it is pure comfort!

  • Soveriegn Silver, is a wonderful immune booster, that I really load up on. It is a clear liquid that tastes like water, you take it from a dropper. My kids love it and line up like little birds as I drop it in. (Same witht he herbs for kids.) If your kids don't see the wonder of it like mine, dropper liquids are really easy to hide in a beverage of choice. http://www.vitaminshoppe.com/search/en/query.jsp?q=sovereign+silver&st=ps&source=go&campaign=MAP_Brands&adGroup=Sovereign_Silver&gcid=S19283x001&keyword=sovereign%20silver&gclid=CP6hqPyGzZUCFRoSFQodRnMcjQ

  • Young Living Essential Oils http://www.youngliving.us/ are the only medicinal grade essential oils sold and made in the US. I researched it extensivly. They aren't cheap, but they are effective. I run a special vaporizer in the the bedrooms at night or if they are wiped out of commision on the couch. We have three vaporizers in our house, one for each bedroom at night! (including Grama's) There are lots of uses for essential oils, the "real stuff" does so much more than "smells good". Young living has a medical desk reference, that outlines exactly how to use which oils for what, it is a priceless resource. The anitmicrobial and antibacterial properties are strong and real. My kids have never use antibiotics..never.

  • Emergen C http://www.emergenc.com/ is another thing I always have on hand. It is great to build that immune system and it's easy to drink. They come in little packets like Kool-Aid. Theya re great to keep your immune system up while traveling. Poor them in your bottled water and you have an immune booster all day long.

  • Headaches? First, I have to say headaches are one of the body's warning signals that other thins are wrong. It is a symptom of something else. Of you get head aches alot, it is very important than you find the root of that problem! Rub pepperment oil (mixed with olive oil) on your temples, behind your ears, and above the eyebrows (careful not to get it in your eyes!). Dehydration is often a cause of headaches. (This can be caused by caffiene, smoke, sodiom or sugar pulling Vitamin C from the body too. Just to name a few causes, but there are many more.) So rehydrate yourself and stay hydrated.

All of these things are body building products. I use them to attack sickness that may come and also to prevent things from taking hold, that we may have been exposed too. This is why I always have them on hand, so I can "act swiftly". (Like when you are sitting next to someone who is tell you how sick they are! Or traveling, or when life gets really busy and you aren't getting proper rest or food, camping, stressful times, etc.) They are all tasty and "easy to take", unlike some pills and elixers. They can be combined with each other. Fresh lemon water and garlic are always good things to use too. We don't get sick often, nor do we stay sick long... I think it is because we try to live healthy and stay strong and we treat things naturally if we do get hit with things. Herbs are amazing once you learn how to use them!

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