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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Midwifery Tips - Preparing the Cervix for Birth

My first Midwife taught me to use Evening Primrose Oil in preparing the cervix for a healthy birth. The evening primrose oil softens the cervix, making the birthing process more "comfortable". (Ha ha) This was a blessed thing, because my first delivery was breach - butt first! Talk about uncomfortable. :-) I have had midwives comment on the fact that my cervix was like "mush" when giving birth. I have never torn. So this is something I always recommend when people ask.


Any good quality Evening Primrose Gelcaps will do. I prefer to get the strongest ones I can find. They are bigger to swallow, but handy for the second part of the process. You could get the smaller cap to take orally if you prefer.

You start 6 weeks before your due date:
  • Taking 1 capsule daily for the first four days.
  • Than increase to 2 caps for the next three days.
  • Then increase to 3 caps for the next week.
  • Than increase to 4 caps for the next week.
  • Than increase to 5 caps for the next week.
  • When you are two weeks away from your due date, while continuing the oral dosage, you add a topical regimen. You start applying the oil topically along the vaginal walls daily in the evening at bed time. Do this by poking a clean pin into the gel cap and squeezing out the gel and applying topically.


Anonymous said...

I took EPO, too and can testify that it does work! :-)

lusi said...

Wow! I've never heard of Epo helping to prepare the cervix like that- thanks so much for sharing those tips Pamela!
Love Lus x

Layah Pontiff said...

I've used Epo for PMS and menstrual health, but didn't know about this. Thanks for sharing. Layah Pontiff