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Monday, May 10, 2010

Swim Suit Edition

I don't know about you, but swim suit shopping for us girls, rates right up there with having my nails pulled out. :-) Whenever I am confronted by something I dread doing, I tend to put it off until I decide I can no longer, than I dive into it like William Wallace leading his army into the Scottish Revolution!! :-) So.... I made a good list of options for future reference for our own use and to share with others. I wanted to enclose sample pictures, but had to draw a "time line" in the project, so you will have to search them out yourself. Some sites have many options, so be sure to browse around when you are in the market. I hope this can take the pain out of trying to mix modesty and summer water play!

Personally speaking, I love loose fitting swim pants (even though i normally where long skirts as a rule for daily dress). I can frolic with the kids without being self conscious and worrying about my skirt flying up in the water. Am I the only one who gets creeped-out when I see someone in swim goggles swimming my way while in a swim skirt that is floating on the surface???

We have been using rash gaurd shirts and board shorts for all my kids. They are GREAT options when they are smaller and really active. I found them with flowers at target for my younger girls this year. That was a blessing. (but the shorts are too short for my older daughter!) We have always found the longer shorts at Lands End in the past which is very nice. (but a little more expensive) My daughter however, is turning 12 and is hoping for something more feminine than a board short...so we'll see how this unfolds. :-)

I would love to hear your feedback in the comment section! How do you keep modest at the pool/lake/etc. I would especially like you to share if you have an tips, tricks or links to share!

We cringe at the thought of public pools, the immodesty and "summer break" culture that is present there. That and "the shore" on the East Coast in season are just not places we go. However, I was raised in the lakes of Michigan and my dad always had a boat...I love the water...so we find happy mediums. Private Pools, smaller lakes, and rivers and creeks. We have our own 16ft above ground pool we usually put up. We also go to public areas in the off hours...we like to show up in the late afternoon when everyone else is sun stroked and on their way home for dinner. We either snack before we go, pack a picnic or just eat late that night. There was a precious spot in Mount Gretna, PA that had a lake that was very family oriented (I noticed no "summer breakers and Mackin'" going on and trust me these momma's eyes were scanning the perimeter!) Being new to this area, we may just stick to our pool...but we got word of a nice on the river with a lifegaurd at this Hippy spot called The Farm which is real close by...I am hoping to check it out. I would love to hear your comments on this too!

Here are my links:

Cute, 2 piece swim dress design, feminine and good coverage. These folks have expanded! Many fabrics to choose from. Swim fabric and patterns also for sale for you sewing types! A little pricey, but worth it. Smallest to largest sizes. I do not see a nursing friendly option...but I bet that could be worked out with the custom suit if need be. It is a 2 piece so you could work it out with a little wiggling (getting off your dress and putting baby under). We have been eyeballing these guys for a couple years. I think this is what my oldest daughter will end up choosing this year.

Slim Perfect
Modest, Classy and Feminine - this site is a must see! Swim Culottes even!

Hydrochic - Sporty, classic and EXCELLENT coverage. Long swim skirts with pants under and even 3/4 length sleeve options for swim tops. (or long short sleeves or wide tank with high neck) Wide range of sizes. Pricey but I could see how it is worth it! Especially if you have lots of girls who can get hand-me downs!

Swim Skirt - to the knee! They also have skorts 16-17"; Separates and Zip Dry shorts with a 7-almost 9" inseam; Even quick dry pants.

PLUS SWIMWEAR Classic styles, many options, including plus swim pants.

Board Shorts - Here are some girls board shorts (what surfers wear). They will handle rugged sports and have some long styles to the knee. It's a nice option with a Rash Guard Shirt if you can find a feminine print. They are loose fitting, unlike a "biker short" style which sticks to the body. They are a bit of a boyish cut, but color and a pretty print shirt might create a perfect balance for some. (Nice for your super active free spirit girls who would tend to be hanging overhead on monkey bars or have skirts fly up as they flip and flop in the grass or on the beach -showing unders. I have three of those...what ar ethe chances??!) :-)

Divine Modestee
Pretty and modern stylish custom mix-n-match styles with skirts. (pricey) I purchases this one year, and found that sizes run small and they do NOT take returns. It was an expensive experiment, but their suites are nice and high quality. (I personally lean toward more coverage now though.)

Becoming Swim Dress -so cute feminine,classy, mature and modest! (Some sheer and does not appear to be nursing friendly, but worth asking.)

Conservative Athletic Suits (for plus sizes too) simple conservative one piece tank suites with high necks and low legs. They have cute cover-ups (maxi dresses!) and good swim shoes.

Just Keep Swimming!


Katherine said...

THank you SO SO much for sharing these!!!!!!!!!

The Road Less Traveled said...

I make my girls swim clothes...skirts with shorts underneath. My first attempt was to use a light fabric like so many of the links you gave have. But when they stepped out of the water it clung to them...out went the modesty...so I ended up using jean fabric, now the skirt hangs nicely in and out of the water. They usually get to wear the suits for about two years then are just too short to wear. So the first year I make them mid-calf and the following year their at the knees. They wear dark t-shirts. It works for us :-)
oh and yes I'm with you about getting the creeps when someone has goggles...yikes...lol I wear a jean ankle length jumper. I love swimming always have :-b

Thanks for all the links