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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Charcoal Remedies

I am nearing the end of a wonderful book that I want to share with you called Charcoal Remedies.com . Odd name for a book I know. The link will take you to the author's website, which will give you a much better overview of this man's work and his resources. He has served abroad in missionary style health care for many years, is a believer and a Sabbath keeper to boot! (Gotta love that!)

I was inspired to search out charcoal remedies from a post (linked) over at Declared Unto Him (Formerly Learning Pomegranate) about Charcoal Poultices. Researching charcoal seriously has been on my "long list" of things to do for years. Now that we are on the homestead and co-mingling with poisonous spiders regularly...this priority got shifted to the top of the list very fast!

I was researching and looking for some bulk charcoal to fiddle with and came across the above site. When I ordered the charcoal, I grabbed his books and tossed it into my cart as a half hearted "accessory" to my order. I am SO thankful I did! This book is incredibly thorough and filed with uses, history and documentation about charcoal that I had no idea existed. The uses for charcoal go far beyond bug bites, it is a priceless detoxifier that can be used in many many ways for many many things, internally and externally.

If you are taking responsibility for the health and health care of your family via natural means...I HIGHLY recommend adding this book to your resource library (along with some charcoal with it!). It now holds a prestigious place in our home medicine/remedy chest and bookshelf.


Andi said...

Thank you for the mention, but mostly for sharing that wonderful site! I am preparing to place an order for charcoal :) Thank you again Pamela!

Moira said...

Thanks for the tip! I will look into it!