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Friday, October 29, 2010

Sabbath Video - Midrash

We are not meeting this Shabbat, instead we have a family "Jammie Shabbat" ahead. (YES!) We just found this site this morning and thought it interesting. We are going to watch this video series (linked here) to check it out. I thought I would post it here for others to "join us" and maybe spark conversations in the comments after we have had a chance to check out the site. (Maybe you are already know all about it!)

This is a 7th Day Adventist Resource, so we are keeping that perspective in mind as we cross check the information given (especially in regards to prophecy and The Law) and we HIGHLY recommend you do as well. For those not familiar with SDA, like most Christian Denominations they get a certain aspect of The Messiah and His Kingdom, but are mislead on others. IN this case, SDA GETS the Sabbath, but still stick to the man-made divisions withing the Law of Moses...(they teach some are for Jews, some are for Gentiles to mention one thing)... when the full context of the entire Scriptures teaches that The ENTIRE Law is good for ALL of ISRAEL (which is no longer Jew nor Gentile nor defined by any bloodline, race, or gender- but rather ONE in YHVH/Yahshua.)

So.... keeping that in mind, we thought it might be a fun "exercise" to strengthen our own understanding of value and importance of The Sabbath, while pointing out the fallacies in SDA perspective to make us more effective witnesses. We like to hear perspectives from various sources, as The Father frequently gives us 'pearls' where we least expect them. Each video is 45 minutes to an hour long. There are 5 videos. We will start tonight after dinner.

Anyone want to play?

Ben and Pamela (and the Tribe)


CarmenB said...

Pamela, we've seen those years ago and finished watching them maybe a few years ago. We learned a lot of things. It would be good to revisit them again. May you be blessed on your Shabbat!

Andi said...

The local congregation of SDA here feel heavily that 'we' have replace the 'chosen' people as well....from many intense conversations I have held. I will check this out and Shabbat Shalom!

Ben said...

After the first 2 here are my thoughts: We had to stop the video 5 minutes in and put the littlest one's in bed, because the first chapter detailed various theories on the origin of man (UFO's, Aztec god's, evolution) and even though they were each eventually dismissed, the images that were produced could only confuse little kids. Not helpful. Bad start.

We pressed passed that though and found that what I suspected...a very thoughtful and well produced teaching that is very convincing in regards to the Sabbath...but subtly infused with 'replacement theology'. The idea is put forth that the Early Church (1st century) was simply a fresh sect of the Jewish faith, but only mentions the Sabbath as the distinguishing factor, not diet, feasts (the other Sabbaths), tzit tzit, etc...

I know that the focus is the Sabbath, and not the entire Torah, but you can plainly see the irony of SDA chastising 'The Church' for throwing out eternial Truths, while they throw out eternal Truths themselves.

If people could only just remember that Adam wasn't Jewish...niether was Abraham...BUT NIETHER WAS MOSES, the false wall of "that was for the Jews" would vanish.

3 more chapters to go...

I found a free app for our Ipod (I know...how worldly!) that creates a big red button on the screen that produces a loud buzzing sound. We will use that today to keep our ears and hearts open for error, and alert the family to these land mines.


Mommy Set Free said...

Ben's review was a little mor einsiteful than mine...all I could think to add was...in the second video (in about the first 3rd or so) was...Why have the put the Kohaniem in costums that look like my grandma's old toaster cover? But that's me. Maybe I got distracted or was hoping for a "little more" meat and little less "world". :-) I've been so spoiled with Torah studies and Hebrew insights (Halleluyah) ...other studies seem ...sooo...I don't know....like Charlotte Mason would say "twaddle". We hope to finish the videos today, since we said we would and our Torah Portion review is done. :-)

Ben said...

Ok. Part 3 and 4 had some meat. Yummy meat. If you are looking for a place to educate yourself on the who changed the day, and who has been faithful in keeping the 7th day throughout world history, this these are the episodes for you. I am still cringing while anticipating the coronation of Ellen White in episode 5, but so far they have been "non-denominational" with their approach.

Still the idea that "moral laws" are forever, and that all YHVH's other Laws could be dismissed is still referenced. The ignorant excuse that Sunday is holy as a way to honor the ressurection is queer--yes, queer. If that is a justifiable reason, then the Feast of First Fruits (always on a Sunday), and Pentecost (always on a Sunday) must both be still valid, which then opens the door for all The Feasts (Sabbaths) then the rest of The Torah right behind them.

If you start pulling on any thread of "Christian Tradition" the whole sweater comes undone. Next thing you know you look like a naked and beaten Messiah. Just like we are supposed to.

Mommy Set Free said...

The 3rd and 4th video really kept my attention much better than the first two. Maybe because it wasn't Friday night...not sure. But I actually found myself taking notes for these two videos to look things up further. There were lots of things we knew and was good reveiw, but there were also lots of things put together better than we had previously connected them..As well as lots of new facts too. So I am glad that we pressed in and continued. I might even watch videos 3 and 4 again.

I know our reviews aren't terribly detailed...we didn;t think we would "get into it" if others aren't watching them too. :-) But thought It still worth while to give some general reviews.

BTW - These videos are for mature audiances. There is much talk and pictures of early church persecution and stuff...that is very hard for the little ones to understand/process. So this is not something we recommend for anyone you feel is too young to be exposed to that reality just yet.

Ben said...

Wow. The elephant in the room is the lack of mention of Ellen G. White in the entire 5 hour series. She is listed as a prophetess in the 'statement of faith' for SDA, but not given even a passing reference in the documentary.

I would recommend this entire teaching for sure. If you send it to your grandma or something, just make sure to remember that this is from a self-proclaimed 'protestant' point of view...so most other false doctrines go unexamined. The Sabbath is properly edified and put into perspective.