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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Homemade Italian Sausage Seasoning Mix

HomeShalom's Italian Sausage Seasoning Mix

2T Garlic Powder or granules
2T Rapadura (Sucanat or Maple Sugar or Brown Sugar)
2T (Rounded/Heaping) Fennel Seeds
2T (Rounded Heaping) Coriander Seeds (You may use ground, just make them scant Tablespoons)
2T Paprika
2T Crushed Red Pepper Flakes
4T dr. Oregano
5T dr. Basil
1T dr. Onion Powder (or heaping Dr. Onion Flakes)
2tsp Black Pepper

Put all ingredients in a blender or large spice mill and grind/mix to a consistent powder. Store in an air tight jar.

Keep on hand and pull out of the spice cabinet for quick and easy meals that are bursting with flavor!

Use 2-3T per pound of ground meat (Turkey, Beef, Venison, Lamb)

Makes fabulous meat balls, or seasoned meat for all Italian Dishes.

Please leave a review if you try it..again...I am trying figure out if my seasonings would be worth selling.


DawnJ said...

I've been wanting to try this for MONTHS! So I made it to try with our beans.. I tweaked it to be a little less Italian (lowering the oregano and basil). We're garlic lovers, next time I'll tip up the garlic a hair (maybe mommasgarlic?).

HERE's the new thing: I couldn't bear to toss the bean water... so the next day I cooked a wild rice blend in the herb/bean juice and added a generous amount of your Sausage Seasoning... MMMMMmmM!! Very New Orleans-ish! We had no beans.. so it was just rice and juice but tasted INCREDIBLE! THANKS for sharing such a fabulous recipe!!

Mommy Set Free said...

Hmmm beans?!! That WOULD be yummy! I will try that. You are so creative (and thrifty) with the bean water too! I think I'll fiddle with that too. I love to do beans in the crock and I love to do my rice in the crock too (my latest thing this past year)..So I could do the beans for lunch make sure they are strained and pour rice in and have that with dinner! Oh my wheels are turning! :-) Love you Sis! Thanks for the inspiration (#473!). :-)

King's Daughter said...

I'm mixing up a batch of sausage right now, can't wait to try it out on pizza night! Since I've come to understand that pork is not something God wants us to eat, I thought what will we do on pizza night?? My husband's favorite pizza is sausage and mushroom. I've been making my own of lots of things, but never thought of sausage, so glad I found this recipe!! So much healthier without all the preservatives too. Thanks for sharing (: