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Friday, February 1, 2013

Purim Puppet Show

This is a "re-post" from Purim two years ago.   We wanted to bring it back to the top in case anyone wanted to use the script and do their own show this year!

We celebrated Purim this past Shabbat with some good friends and put on this puppet show for the kids. We laughed, nashed Hamentash and enjoyed putting on this light hearted puppet show about the story of Esther.

We wrote this play a couple years ago and thought it would be fun to record it to share y'all. Due to a technical error on the video, we lost the opening scene, so I had to add a brief text intro to catch everyone up on the plot. (sorry) It is comedy and we had to improvise on some props (Like Mordichai being paraded around town on a mechanical cat instead of a horse as was written in Scripture!) We did this with no practice and one day of preparation...It runs about 25 minutes total. We hope you enjoy it.

Chag Purim!

Ben and Pamela

If you would like a written copy, here is the Purim Play Script.


Anonymous said...

This is one of my favorite holidays - It is a time for merriment and in true Jewish Tradition a time for over indulgence as far as the wine goes - but this wee little play you put together for your little ones is lovely. An excellent way for you to bring it to them in a manner that they can understand - I bet they can't wait till they are older and put on their own play.

Did you all make a loud roukas?

Mommy Set Free said...

Noise is something we do without much effort. :-) However, we kept the groggers in the "Purim Tub" this time. We knew we were recording for the blog, and when we tried it with the grogger a couple years ago, you couldn't hear any of the script.. but we still encouraged the "whoplah"this year, Purim isn't Purim wihtout it. :-)

We drink wine, but we do it responsibly (unlike the typical Jewish tradition). It seems to us, that a bit too much liberty is taken there. We do no beleive Yah is opposed to wine (since it is spoken of favorably, and is acceptable part of the Biblical Culture. Not mention Yeshua made it out of water for people to enjoy, for goodness sake!), but there is quite a bit in Scripture that is negativly associated with drunkeness and over indulgence in that way. It warns us very specifically against using it irresposibly. So WE don't choose to follow others in that respect. We just don't think it represents the heart and character of the The Father...not mention, we have children whom are in our care. So... we put those things (Yah, Family and His Scriptures) as our priorities over the traditional "right to party". :-)

The Heaton Family said...

how come you did it on that date?

Ben said...

For those wondering how we came about mid-Feb as Purim, this website has great resources for calculating the times and seasons according to the Bible.


There are some minor differences we have with this theory, but the way the year begins is reasonable. It made last week, the 14th of Adar...Purim.

It's a disputable matter, so explore this issue humbly and in love.


Sigalit Chana said...

We LOVED it. Thank you for taking the time to share it with us! Love to you, in Mashiach!

Anonymous said...

Oh, thank you for posting this, Pamela! We missed Purim this year because I've been extremely disorganized "these days". >X|. (I guess there's technically about 3 days left??) I will share this with my children though! They will like it! :).

The Heaton Family said...

we are totally going to be incorporatinga lot of this into our revised version this year. So clever! What will you do this year???

MommySetFree said...

I am tickled that it will help your celebration this year! :-)

What are we gonna do this year? Good question! :-) Ben and I JUST started talking about it this morning...but not sure yet. :-)There are lots of new folks in the community this year...it would be fun to have a shin dig! :-) We are in the midst of contruction right now and are trying to figure out how we can cram a bunch of people in the house for our monthly Shabbat Open house this week. :-) Tonight, we will be housing 12 people between 2 rooms. Sometimes I am FULL of vision...other times I can't see past the nose on my face. :-)