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Monday, February 14, 2011

Cuttin' Hair

I have been cutting my family's hair for several years now. It helps save us some money, it is more convenient than running out to do it and they are willing. :-) I thought it would be fun to post our last haircut. I like to get as many haircuts done at the same time as possible, so these day's Sunday makes a good Hair cutting day, since Papa is home. The males in the family are my biggest "clients".
I trim Hailey's a couple times a year. I also recently started cutting Naomi and Eliana's with the clippers every couple months. I have decided to keep their hair short in this "season" of our lives. We are a "low maintenance crew" and their hair really is high-maintenance if it has any length to it at all. When they get older and can care for it themselves. I will let them grow it out - but time and money at the salon and hours (and hours) every week doing hair...seems like a really vain waste of time to me. They are so beautiful...they don't need to do all that! ( I did the same thing with Hailey when she was 5 too...although it was not the same style, it was a short low maintenance cut.)
This is my son Gideon. He will turn 5 next month. During this hair cut he asked me, "Am I handsome, Mamma?" Oh my heart melted! Answer: " Yes, Baby! You are a VERY handsome young man!! VERY Handsome!" He lit up with delight and satisfaction at my answer.

Speaking of handsome...this is my Son Elijah (10). I could stare into His deep brown eyes all day long! I can't explain it...they have always had that effect on me ever since he was a baby.

My youngest boy (13 months) has not yet had his first hair cut.

I spent lots of time in salon's and similar places in my 20's. I was a professional make-up artist (in what seems like my "former life") and also worked for cosmetic companies. Maybe my approach now is part of my "turning away" from the vanity of it all...if you saw what I saw...you would understand. Anyway....I never went to "beauty school", nor was I formerly trained to cut hair, but being in "the business", I had lots of hairdresser friends and worked in a few salons, so I have seen it been done several times. I was around the "shop talk" a lot. That is how I learned, just by observing and experimenting. Every one's hair is different too...so I have learned what works for one head, may not look the same on the next! :-) Every one's head has different growth patterns, cowlicks, hair texture and thickness which adds to the learning process. My husband wanted to provide me with a proper 'Before and After Picture', by looking grumpy and unsatisfied in the "before" and then happy in the "after". Gotta love Him! Every time I cut his hair, it seems his beard gets longer. :-)

My husband's hair is the biggest challenge and is what started it. When we met and were engaged he had hair down the middle of his back. That's a lot of hair for a man who is 6ft 5in tall! We lived in San Franciso... Oh... how times have changed! (Halleluyah!) Then he started in sales and got it cut to be "respectable" at the council of his employers. He came home with so many bad hair cuts, I finally said, "I can do better than that" (Never having cut hair before! BTW) And that is what started it. He has gotten a few intermittent haircut in those years for "convenience", but now I am all my boys' exclusive barber. There was a learning curve, and I still get a slip of the wrist now and then. :-) But we have pretty much found our hair cutting groove now.

Haircutting is a wonderful skill for a momma to have! I intend to teach all my girls how to cut hair.

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Amy said...

I'm always so glad to find someone who does their own family haircuts, too! eeesh....the money we save! My kids all have very curly hair. Most salons/barbers we've gone to don't really have someone who knows the craziness of curly curly hair, so a day or two later, all of the spots they missed become really noticeable.

YahKheena said...

The hair cuts look good! I too will teach my girls how to cut hair when they get married. I agree it such beneficial skill to have.

Your girls will love having long hair, I know my girls do. Although, even when they are old enough to care for their own hair, it will still take hours to care for. Not so much because of vanity but because it takes a long time to work through kinky hair... I know I do it often. However, there are other options, chem straighten (which I know is not an option for you) and straighten with a hot iron (which really damages hair) I personally like to keep my girls in braids (it can be as many as 16 or as little as 4), they stay neat for about few days then I have to do them again... it will be nice when they both can work on each others hair, until then, I have to take the time to do it for them, on different days though :-)

Actually, now that I think about it, when they were your girls age it was easier and less time consuming to do their hair, now it takes hours with all the length and all.

Hey, did you hear? Bobby & Kelish had a baby boy!! :-)

lusi said...

I love the before and after shots!!! Your husband's posing was very funny! My hubby is 6ft 6 inches tall and once he had quite long hair too.
I always cut the children's hair until recently when the boys would go together for a 'hair cut date' to the barber. A sweet treat however times are changing here for us financially so I'll be doing them again. Have you got any tips you could post please pamela on any basic cutting techniques you use? I would love to improve my skills!
Love lus x

Andi said...

I have to share....I reading along every so intently right up until I scrolled down to Ben's hair cut...I just started laughing...ok with that off my mind...I remember one of the first hair cuts I ever did, I was using EMT scissors...and I cut a big hole in the back of his head.... yeah...learn young ladies!

singing mama said...

We normally cut our own hair too! This last week I took Lily to get a "proper " haircut and although it was exciting at first she found it boring in the end!! LOL
It is SO expensive to get it done regularly! I too used to get my hair dyed and cut all the time but have become more and more frugal these last few years. My hubby normally cuts his own hair with me finishing the edges he cant get, although now he is growing it longer again, like it was when we first meet :)
What a great skill to have and to teach our daughters!
Luv Donna

Traci said...

Good work! We do our own cuts here too (you couldn't tell it now as the boys are both sporting longer hair right now) but Moms the barber in these parts:)