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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Foods of The Holy Land

If you look into the foods of Israel, you quickly find there are many influences. Israel is right in the middle of so much, it truly is the center of the earth, a cross section of cultures. Studying the region shows us a great shadow picture of YHVH's Desire to be THE CENTER. (But I suppose that is another post.) When in The Land, you will see a wide variety of influences from the surrounding countries, as well of the immigration of the Yah's people coming home (Aliyah). It is a fun home school study/project to explore in your homes and kitchens if you are adventurous and love sensory hands on learning. Hers is a list copied from the Israeli Food Guide (linked below) of some examples of the diversity of food in Israel.

•Middle Eastern dishes from Iraq, Iran, Egypt and Lebanon
•North African foods from Morocco and Libya
•Mediterranean fare from Greece and Turkey
•Balkan dishes from Bulgaria and Romania
•European cooking from Germany, Russia, Poland and Hungary
•Yemenite, Indian, Ethiopian, Druze, Arab Israeli, and Bedouin foods
•Asian and American dishes can also be enjoyed in Israel!

Below are some links to explore if you would like to visit The Home Land through your table. I am planning on doing this in our family for our Shabbat menus in the upcoming season (as much as possible). The warm weather that is coming really make me crave fresh foods that are so typical of the diet in the Israel. On a more long term homestead note, we plan to raise sheep on our farm for meat and cheese. So don't be surprised if start sharing a lot more Israeli style recipes in the future at Home Shalom! :-)

Middle Eastern Recipe Links:

I know this may be a bit antiquated with the Internet at our fingertips :-) However, below is a list of links to books that are wonderful Biblically influenced Food Resources with Middle Eastern/Mediterranean Flare. Some of these resources may "bend" in a certain direction of understanding. I suggest you are prayerful as you read them and glean a balanced wisdom from a variety of resources as you develop your family's food plan. It is likely you know many of them, but their might some thing new in there that sparks your interest.

Books from a Historical Perspective:

Food at the Time of the Bible Nice pictures! Good Homeschool resource.

What Did The Ancient Israelites Eat?

Biblical Diet Books:
Biblical Vegetarian, Vegan, Raw, Healing the Body with Food - Books
God's Way, Malkmus


Anonymous said...

I found this site recently and I thought it kind of interesting. A lot of the recipes sounded good, although I have yet to try any :)


Mommy Set Free said...

Thanks for sharing the link. I'll be sure to check it out.

Anonymous said...

Awesome post! I'll be bookmarking it to come back to later. I actually have a few of these books sitting on my shelf. :)

Daughter to THE King said...

Thank you very much for putting this together and sharing it, it's exactly what I was looking for.

And I'll be checking out Erela's link as well. What a treat!


abrianna said...

What a terrific set of links. Thank you so much for posting them!

Traci said...

Shalom Pamela, love your Shabbat linky post, thank you so much for sharing...