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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Understanding the TRUTH about the West Bank

Friends and Readers,

It is so very important that we educate ourselves on the history of Israel as the current events unfold and we find ourselves needing to take a position. For many of us, "The Bible Is Enough!" to take a position. However, in this last couple of years, we have come to realize how important it is to understand and recognize the corruption and propaganda in our world today regarding Israel, YHVH's Holy Land. Also how important it is that we support Israel not only in prayer but in actions. If we are His people, Israel should matter to us. We believe doing this will help us stand strong and make tough decisions that might need to be made in our future. It will also help us to realize how truly twisted the "face of the world" is and hopefully it will increase our faith and commitment to understand the Scriptures and YHVH's plan for (us) His people, so that we are not deceived. I think we will be posting more informational videos along these lines in the seasons to come. I am not one to embrace politics..as a matter of fact - I (Pamela) personally despise it! However, I have come to realize, that if we ignore it - we (and our children)will pay the price for our ignorance. Those who are against Israel are preying on our ignorance to forward their agenda to destroy Israel. I for one, do not want to help them do that!

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Sigalit Chana said...

I just saw this video last week =) I totally agree with you, and echo your words: "I have come to realize, that if we ignore it - we (and our children)will pay the price for our ignorance." Thank you for posting =)