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Monday, July 11, 2011

Working in the Heat

Our first approach to working in the extreme heat- is NOT TO if we can help it. That is not always possible on a farm whose demands are many. However, we try to get started early, take breaks in the middle of the day and go back after about or 4 or 5 until dark. With the long summer days, we still get a lot of work done - but we don't put ourselves at risk doing it. Even then - it is still hot in Southern Middle TN.

This is a little trick my Momma taught me a while back:
You take a hand towel and drench it in very very cold water, ring it out and then lay it across the back of your neck bring it in front over your shoulders. It is amazing how it helps cool and refresh you! As the sun blazes so does the coolness fade from the cloth. So one of things I have learned to do is to have a small cooler with cold (even iced) water or peppermint tea in it in our work area. Every so often you can recharge your towel by dipping it in the cooler and wringing it out and reapplying. Wipe yourself down with it is also quite refreshing. The peppermint is especially cooling, as it effect last longer than the water. You can also just hang the towel on your head - not as attractive I know...but hey, working in the heat "ain't pretty". :-)

When I was in at the orphanage in Haiti, an older lady told me how they beat the heat and that is by taking a cool cloth and wiping behind the knees, in the bend of the elbows and around the neck and face and lastly on the bottoms of the feet if possible. This was how they would comfort the children and work at lowering/controlling fevers in the orphanage too.

It works! Ladies, remember to do this for your men (and boys)...they will LOVE you for it!

Stay cool!

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missusmechanic said...

Good ideas! Thanks for sharing.

nicky said...

Thank you for your ideas. I hate working in the garden in the heat. I am going to try the cold towel...esp the peppermint idea.

Anonymous said...

Oh this year (being very pregie) I feel nauseous after working in this heat. It helps afterward to sip cold water with our mint...so I must try the towel when I go out.
We have never used air condition like we have this season. Hopefully it is just the pregnancy and not that I am getting older. :)

Mommy Set Free said...

Em, My tip for you...stay in the AC and let someone else do that work! You are already working hard enough making that precious wee one! ;-) You get a prego pass!!