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Monday, December 12, 2011

Betrothed - Video Give Away Winner

It was really hard for me NOT to buy everyone who entered the drawing a copy of Betrothed...but our budget would not allow it. :-( However, I was able to rustle up TWO copies to give away for this drawing. So I am pleased to announce two winners today. (My little Eliana drew the names out of a basket this morning. )

Moria and Sigalit Chana

Please stay tuned for many more posts on Betrothal...I am also planning another giveway for a different item. :-)

I will leave you with a sweet little home video of Braden and Tali's Betrothal done by his brother. The back ground music is sung by the bride and groom. The people joining in the ceremony are parents, grandparents brothers and sisters blessing their union. Close friends were also in attendance but not visable in the video. When the bride drinks the wine, she excepts the covenant - but at the end of it all- the groom goes away to prepare a place for her and they do not see each other face to face* until the groom comes riding in on a white horse on their wedding day to take her to be with him. (You'll have to see that in the video!)

B&T Betrothal from Zac on Vimeo.

Even though the bride and groom did not see each other in person between the betrothal and wedding, the did cultivate their relationship through lots of other communication, like phone calls and letters as the prepared for the marriage and future together.

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Andi said...

Contrats! I have been looking at this video and another from them....my heart fills with ....well I have ordered one anyway! May both dears ladies be blessed! Much LOVE!