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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Psalm 119 Alef - Hiding Yah's Word in Our Hearts

It is a dream of mine to memorize Torah...in Hebrew! Why? Because I want to be "one" with Yah's Word. Total recall, if you will. I want to be able to call up Scripture clearly and accurately to live by and help others. To comfort when things are hard, to enourage when a little extra strength is needed, to be corrected when I go astray, to become one (echad) with the TRUTH (YHVH)! I don't have a photographic memory, nor do I particularly enjoy the process of memorization. Some people have a mind like a steel trap - I OFTEN describe my mind to be more like a sieve!!! I am the queen of lists, notebooks, labeling and tabs. Why? Because I HAVE TO in order to keep track of things!!! Since we are still learning Hebrew and my goal is a lofty one that will take some time, we decided that hiding YHVH's Word in our heart can not wait for those things to come to pass. So we are learning what we can together -NOW- in English. We thought it best to approach our Bible memorization, one chapter at a time. We actually started with the "Love Chapter" (1 Cor 13) because "love" is one thing we could all use a little more of...and we thought that this would be a great place to start! After that we were encouraged and decided to memorize a chapter that best reflected our passion and zeal for YHVH's Word, so we chose Psalm 119. We learned that it is the longest chapter in the Bible. We figured, not only would it be wonderful to "imprint" the Love of His Word in our hearts/minds, but that it would also serve as an encouragement to our longer term goal of memorizing Torah (one day). In other words, if we could memorize this chapter (being the longest), we could memorize ANY other chapter just the same! We liked that idea!

Psalm 119 is broken into 21 parts. We are learning one part at a time. Each part is labeled by a Hebrew letter. We are making up a tune to go with each section to aid in the memorization process. It is such a treat to have Scripture come to mind in a song through out the day and to "catch" the children singing it alone or together as we "walk by the way", so naturally and voluntarily. Each letter section is added to the next as we keep the WHOLE chapter in practice after we have learned each section.

We will video each section in order, as we learn them. We will also put the words on the screen in case there are any other families that would like to join us in memorizing Psalm 119. If you do - I would LOVE to see (or hear your family) and even share your family videos with others if you are willing!!!

The version of Scripture we are using is ESV (English Standard Version). We transpose YHVH's name for "The Lord" and may use a Hebrew word in place the English here and there. Here is our first section - we hope you like it and stay tuned for the next 20 sections (letters)!

If you would like to see all the section memorized to date, they are all posted on Memorizing Scripture (found in the "page tabs" at the top of the blog). We hope this will make them easy for you access in case you might like to join us in memorizing Psalm 119 at your own pace in the future!

Psalm 119: 1-8


YahKheena said...

This is AWESOME!! Thanks for sharing... did you come up with the melody? I'm so musically challenged... :-D

Mommy Set Free said...

Hi YahKheena,
Thanks for the encouragement! We did come up with the melody...I was really surprised how hard that was to do with the arrangments of words. I got really bluesie with Bet - but my family was afraid to do it. I thought it would been neat...but they wanted to stick wiht a more metered tune....I have several more to go...Maybe they will get more adventurous down the line. :-) Sometime though...when trying to come up wiht a tune - we would get stumped for DAYS. (Very dicouraging!) We kept encouraging one another ("just keep trying" :-) You know hwat I'm talkin' bout), because that was the hardest part!! We kept saying, "It must be so much prettier in the Hebrew!!" Hailey and I have been apointed the ones to do the tunes. I am very thnakful for her help. She is a natural, and I enjoy having our own little time behind losed doors to get something on tape to prsent to the family for practice. We are almost finished with Gimmel now...It was a whole 'nother thing to learn how to do the video with the lyrics too...but I think I finally have the kinks worked out in that too...I hope. :-)

Enid said...

How precious.... I love to see the little one so engage singing...very very sweet!!

ReneeK said...

That is gorgeous. I needed that this morning! Happy Hanukkah.

Andi said...

Pamela...and family...
You are doing a wonderful job, very encouraging... my heart smiled! Keep up the work for His glory!

Anonymous said...

This tune is still playing in my head as I type. :) Now if I could only recall all the words...seriously.
The children kept watching it over and over, so I am hoping we will be able to memorize them along with you.
GREAT teaching and encouragement tool! Blessed be YHVH!
Shabbat Shalom,

Carmen Bruno said...

Loved it, I look forward to more videos, what a great testimony to all of us.

blessings to you and your family.