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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Homemade Yogurt

I got this recipe from a dear girlfriend about 2 1/2 years ago. I was expressing my dissatisfaction with my own homemade yogurt method, it was not as thick as I wanted and was "lacking". She showed me hers and gave me a taster and I was sold! It is so simple to do! I use raw organic grass fed milk (because that is what we drink) and Stonyfield Farm Organic Plain Yogurt for my starter on my first batch. I have doubled her recipe, because our family is bigger. So if your crock pot is too small or you only want to make a quart, and a starter, just cut the recipe in half. The crock pot is never plugged in.

1/2 gallon milk
1/2 pint (1 Cup) of plain yogurt

  • Prepare a crockpot filled about 2/3 way full of water that is a little hotter than 110F (use a candy thermometer) and cover to keep warm. (I use 6C in my 5qrt crock)

  • Heat milk gently on the stove to reach 160F (use a candy thermometer).

  • Let cool to 110F (any hotter and it could kill your culture)

  • Add 1C yogurt and mix.

  • Pour into 2 Qrt jars and 1 pint jar and put a lid on them.

  • Test your water in the crock to see if it is at 110. That is the ideal temp. Add a little cool or hot to reach ideal temp quickly if needed. Put all three jars in the crock.

  • Put the crock lid on and insulate the top with a heavy bath towel covering the crock completely. (I like to use two towels....just to be sure.) :-)

  • Let sit (UNPLUGGED!) overnight or 12-24 hours.

  • Keep the pint jar set aside in the fridge to use as your starter for the next batch of yogurt, enjoy the others!

**You can also do this method using a small insulated cooler instead of a crockpot if you would rather. :-)


Anonymous said...

oh that looks great, real thick. Do you have milkers?
We have been without raw milk for way too long. :(

MommySetFree said...

We don't have milkers yet. We have Amish nieghbors that sell us theirs for a song...so a milk cow keeps getting bumped down the homestead list since they are "high maintanace" and we have such great nighbors! :-) We really enjoy our freedoms. :-)

Anonymous said...

Y-E-A-H... jealous I am, :D!

I really like cows. Our Amish friend (Leroy Miller, would be our "breeder/dealer"-I think you might know him) was delightfully surprised to find that I was the one wanting a cow. But Brody ends up leaning more towards goats. That and I am fairly sure he is secretly waiting for the children to age a bit before adding to my duties.

Hope you are having a productive prep day and may your Shabbat be full of His Shalom!

MommySetFree said...

Ah yes, I know Leroy well. :-) We were his best customers, as was the co-op I ran. We also worked together with PASA to form the Rw Milk Committee in PA.. Good times. :-) He would be a wonderful resource! (He makes the best cottage cheese too!) He likes to call me paMELa. (Accent in the middle.) :-)

Anonymous said...

LOL...know the accent. His cottage cheese is by far the best! I have tried making it myself with just ok results. When Brody would go back up to do work he would stop by the Miller's and stock up.

I linked to this post this morning which is why i stumbled back here. I didn't think you would mind. :D