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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sardines - Simple Family Games


Sardines is a variation of Hide and Seek. 1 person hides while everyone else closes their eyes and counts. (We like to count to 60, but that may very based on the space and number people playing.) Then the counters all disperse and try to find the person that is hiding. When they find him, instead of revealing him, you discreatly join him in his hiding spot. As you can imagine, this is how the game gets it's name...it can get pretty cramped when you try hiding several people in one spot (without laughing!). You do this until their is only one person left to find the hiders (sardines), that is the person that hides first in the next round.

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YahKheena said...

OK, we're in... can I hide first?

Too, much fun, almost makes me want to have a couple of more children so we could play with more than four, I know I'm past the child bearing age but so was Sarah right? LOL

Humble wife said...

Oh I love this game! We played this often with the kids, as well as many other games. TV has never been our evening entertainment so family games were important.