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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Understanding Evolution

If you went to public school, or have children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews that go to public school, I highly recommend this video which is very clear in explaining the (false) theory of Evolution.  It is good to what is being taught there.  If you home school, I would also recommend watching this video (and sharing it with your children) to educate yourself, so you know how to better choose curriculum for your children - especially when it comes to possibility of science "requirements" for High school diplomas in some states or programs.

If we better understand the TRUTH about theory of Evolution, we will have a better ability to explain it's many many flaws to people who "believe" in it, blindly - thinking that it is "true science" when it fact it is NOT - at all.  Rather it is a  belief based system that has a history of inaccurate data and inconsitancy that does not prove what it calims according to the very definitions of science!  Evolution has been and continues to be perpetuated in our society and schools as "truth".  This a wonderful documentary that exposes those issues!

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