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Welcome to Home Shalom and Shalom Farm. We pray your visit here be blessed. We are learning to walk in the Ways (Torah) of our Father YHWH and follow Y'shua, His Messiah until He returns to "set things straight". We call it a "Messi-Life". Our walk is neither tidy nor perfect, but it is filled with passion, devotion and desire to serve our King. We are learning to be humble servants, and to be good stewards of the things that He has entrusted to us: His Word, our marriage, our children, our family, our community, our health, and our farm. Hitch your horse and stay a while--our door is always open!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Loving the Fear of the Lord

This article was moved from my other blog as I am combining the two it was written on Dec 22, 07

The Lord has put in me (and my husband - praise God!) a passion for Him. One that is growing in leaps and bounds. The pursuit of truth and desire to be His disciples - not matter the cost. We came to the Lord a year apart from each other, 11-12 years ago at the time of this writing. We were baptised together and God redeemed our spirits, our marriage, our family legacy and He continues to transform us on a an hourly basis! God is my all and all - the Lover of my soul- the air in which I breath. As we proceed, I want to ask something of you who are the remnant: That you test everything I say and everything you say against scripture(not your preconceived understanding) and hold me accountable to my words!! (Use the comment section of this blog.) I propose that we all read Scripture in context and seeking God to reveal it's meaning to you NOT using scripture to prove our point but letting scripture speak for itself. That we will be humble enough to realize that I might NOT have all the answers and that we can be transformed by truth when we allow it to take root in your spirit. Lastly, that you search out words or concepts which are not clear, or give that give you a "kink in your spirit". (Don't just ignore that kink - go deeper God is trying to tell you something!!) Do this with dictionaries, concordances, topical Bibles, Greek and Hebrew aids that match your translation and of course in prayer!! Not solely relaying on someone else to explain it to you. Own it for yourself. If it is left unresolved, remain prayerful until God makes it clear to you. Sometimes this happens fast - sometimes it takes time. There are many factors as to how God unfolds His mysteries to His children. Trust God and it will unfold!! The study of His Word, the one-on-one relationship which I have with Him and operating with the gifts and knowledge and wisdom that HE has supplied is the place from which I write (and live). The more I learn, the more I grow; the closer I become to Him - the more humble I become - yet the more bold He makes me for Him. In early 2007, He revealed a little bit more of His personal plan for us within His "big picture". It is exciting, humbling, scary and peaceful all at once. We have sought Him sun-up to sundown - what a rich way to live - I pray it never ends! We desire to allow Him to shed the scales from our eyes so that we may know the truth and walk in it. Half way through the year, He called us to home fellowship. We have been seeking Him through this and making sure that He goes before us every step of the way, so that we may follow after Him. (In the past we would "jump on it" in zeal to obey - as a result, often going before God! Not good! We have learned the difference. He picks us up wipes us off and says OK - now let's try again beloved!) Anyway, as a result the issues of accountability and answers to "touchy questions" have arisen (again). No longer will He let us get away with "sweeping them under the rug". He is calling us to accountability. We have a heart for unity in His body (the church universal), yet we all ("the church") take stances in every direction you can imagine, contradicting each other, The Word, our Lord and the unity of the body.

This is something that applies to all of God's people: On Judgement Day, our only advocate will be Jesus/Holy Spirit. As much as I love my dear husband (and I DO), he will not be able to stand in my defence - he too will have to answer for himself. Our pastor will not be their pleading our case. Our parents, our spouse, our children, the works of our hands or our favorite theology will not stand up and plead for us. The fruits of our hands will be testimony to whom we are but God sees so much deeper than that into the deepest places of our hearts. It is you and Him - period. There is a judgment day, and the Lord will not be mocked - it is part of the plan. As uncomfortable as that may be for us, it is real. We must be accountable for our actions, our beliefs, our words, our choices, but most of all our relationship to Him and our heart's condition. (Now, Lest I be misunderstood - I must say, I am not advocating a works route to salvation here!! It is by His grace and mercy and his sovereign plan and by the sacrifice of Jesus that I can even know what I do know and that I am adopted into His Kingdom. If it weren't for His grace, I would have NO hope today or on judgment day. I am so thankful for His mercy and grace!)

It is so important that we understand this concept of fearing the Lord. The Bible tell us it is the beginning of wisdom. "The fear of the Lord" is not a popular message in may contemporary churches. While others miss the whole other aspect of God and distort the meaning of "the fear of the Lord". This is not something that can be dismissed and replaced with a "fluffy bunnies and sunshine" understanding of who God is. Nor can it be driven into the ground without understanding of His grace and mercy because doing so perverts the very understanding of the character of YHVH. God/YHVH is everything Good, He is Truth, He is Pure, He is Life, He is Love, He is Sovereign, He is Gracious and Merciful, The One True God. These are facets of His character that are real and true - not be dismissed either, but we must be careful at how we "package Him". As we explore the Scriptures, we also see that He is a jealous God, He demands our allegiance, our commitment, our loyalty, our relationship, our obedience, our heart. (Not to be confused with works - but me must understand that our "works" are our fruits, so they too are evidence of our spiritual condition - not "the path to salvation".) He is righteous and shall not be mocked. There is no amount of manipulation or excuses that will change God to fit our ability to comprehend Him.

Another very key things we must understand in our deepest place is that God is a Gentleman. What I mean by that is this. Sometimes - we can fall into this lazy mode, that is defended as "waiting on God". When in reality we've given up and stand in a place of faithlessness. (Not to be confused with genuinely "waiting on God" which is a real posture of prayer but is a conscience action of obedience, not passive one.) We fall into this trap of expecting God to "TAKE CONTROL" (as if He isn't already!) and transform us, to fix our problems. But He won't - let me explain: That is not in His character or how He created us. If anyone can find Scripture that says otherwise, I need to study that - please share it! He has created us with a free will. He has NOT made us robots that He can download His plan into without any resistance or choice. (It sure would have been easier.) He loves, us so much and desires our hearts, our recognition, our praise, our worship, our devotion, our willingness to trust Him - that is the very premise of His access to our hearts - by His own design!! He is a relational God and "it takes two to tango" (as my mom used to say). He knocks; we open. He sends messages; we listen or ignore. He warns us; we obey or disobey. He gives us all kinds of road maps in His Word; we rebel and distort it to our own pleasure or we receive it and let it transform us. YHVH has given us the Holy Spirit as our counselor, helper and advocate; we must choose to accept Him or not. He sent Jesus, to bear all our sins, yet we must accept the forgiveness and adoption. He gives us spiritual gifts, yet we must accept them and use them when they are given! Do you see pattern here???

YHVH is always the constant infallible part of the equation - we are the faulty part. If something is missing in our relationship with God - we can be sure - it is us that needs to change something - not Him! He has already given those things to us that make it perfect- but we must receive, honestly without reserve, with passion and conviction in other words, faith, because with out it - there is no pleasing God! He is unchangeable, infallible, holy, regardless of how we paint Him, or misunderstand Him. God will perfect - it is us who must change. (and we should be thankful and find comfort in that!!! He is the solid rock in which we can stand!! He is our fortress!!)

"The fear of the Lord" is not fear of something evil - but reverence for the Most High. Recognition that we are walking in relationship with The Awesome Sovereign One who holds the earth and ALL that is in it in the palm of His hand. The Author and Finisher of our fate. The ONE who sees everything all at once, past present and future - down to hair on each one of heads all at the same time! The one who hears our prayers in countless languages, all at once. The one who makes countless things happen (or not) in the same instant all over the world all according to each of our obedience, compliance and relationship to Him and His plan. And even to those who don't "hear Him and call Him Lord" he has power - if He chooses too- in this grand symphony of His glorious plan.

Knowing that we can never fully comprehend His love, His power, His plan or His methods, is the start of wisdom. It is a key element in the fear of the Lord. By humbling ourselves to the point of full trust, and loyal service to this amazing Creator of ours, we find comfort in understanding that we don't have to have all the answers! We no longer fear man or desire to please Him. Instead we fear God and desire to please Him. We remain humble, knowing that we must walk close to the bosom of the One who does! He calls us all to put this world of ours in holy perspective, letting God order our steps - regardless of our plans. Being cheerful givers of ourselves and all that He has entrusted to us. When we come to this place of faith of trust, all those cares of the world which used to hold such weight suddenly - are gone! They are put in their proper perspective. Oh, yes, we may still have a thorn in our flesh, but God's light shone upon it - we can see it's purpose, or see it's insignificance in the greater plan. It no longer has hold on our spirit and mind.

How can we come to this place? The Bible is very clear - we put God first, we seek after Him and serve Him in everything we do. He looks at the matters of the heart, and people who are willing and available to be used by Him to bring glory to His name and build His Kingdom. To serve in His house for eternity. He has given believers many gifts. We have His Word - "Know The Book, their will be a test" (several in fact!). We have intimate relationship with Him, connecting our spirits in prayer, speaking and mostly listening! It is hard to fathom that the Sovereign Creator of all the universe would want an intimate relationship with this once rebellious, selfish, prideful, ragged bag a bones - but He does - that is what NO ONE can take away from me. I walk with Him as real and tangibly as I type on this keyboard to you today. Even when this bag of bones is dust - I will reside with my Adoni/LORD.

Some people claim that these things are not possible. Just because they can't comprehend it or haven't experienced it - that has no bearing on the truth. The truth IS the truth regardless of someones inability to accept it, see it, or wrap his head around it.

This relationship is there for all His people - all whom are adopted into the kingdom, and serve and know Him as Lord. We have promises, even guarantees in His Word stating this is a the case. It is a glorious message. It is a wonderful reality. It is an awesome privilege and blessing. It is a two way relationship, He being the Righteous one who is calling us to Himself. He cleans us up along the way. Each time He sheds the scales from our eyes, we get closer to Him; knowing Him more. Bit by bit He reveals Himself to us, as we are ready, as we are willing. God knows exactly what we need, when we need it, each one of us, all at the same time, everywhere. What an awesome God!

Even though we may all be different parts of "the body" having different places as Paul illustrates - we are all called to relationship with Him. Let their be NO DOUBT in that truth. If our allegiance be to HIM above all. Above denomination, above self, above family, above worldly pursuits, pleasures and plans, above our abilities. The Bible tells us that His Kingdom HAS COME . It is NOW that the scales can be removed from our eyes and we will be transformed - our struggles will change (but their will always be strife in this word - until He returns again) our purpose will be fulfilled, and we will walk in The Light, experiencing all the amazing gifts, promises, heritage, privileges and most importantly the fellowship with THE MOST HIGH GOD.

If you share this passion for God (or want to)- I want to invite you to take this journey with me; Mark this blogspot, and I will do the same with yours if you have one and share it). Lets encourage, edify and exhort one another. Lets Glorify Him together as we grow to be more like Him.

I have got to say, I don't have "it" all figured out, nor do I have YHVH all figured out, I accept that I never will. But until my last breath I will pursue the mysteries of my Redeemer.

If all this is a foreign concept to you, yet you desire a REALNESS with GOD - I want to urge you to answer the tug of God on your heart right now, and pray to Him. Pour out your heart to Him - He will meet you in that place, regardless of how dim it may seem. It's what He does! He is so awesome - praise Him for we are fearfully and wonderfully made in His image! Amen.

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