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Saturday, August 2, 2008

What Are We Thinking???

This is an article I transferred from my other blog, written on 4/1/08 as I am combining them into one.

There are a few simple things that form a civil society. Am I the only one who has noticed that every single one of these are corrupt in our country?

Schools: Ours school now feed us so much junk, it is hard to see what good there is. Contraceptives are being handed out by school nurses. Homosexual Agenda is being integrated as "normal". Children are taught to rebel against their parents and all authority. Our public schools insist that there be no religion on compass, because of separation of search and state and they "are the state". They now tell the parents what their children should do and learn, and even how they homes should be run. All the while they have they are indoctrinating our children with their own religion in the forms of humanism, anarchy and science. This is very obvious to many of us, but MOST of us, see these issues as "small prices'" to pay for the "required education" their children need. They figure, they'll just teach them differently during the 2o minutes a day they sit face to face with their children without any distractions or agendas......

Churches: If your church tells you what to think and believe...they are also part of the problem. This is not how Jesus/ Yeshua taught us to do it. He walked and lived with the people, without concern for His own material life. He was a servant. Even HE, being God's son, sinless and perfect never told us what to think, instead, he taught His disciples HOW to think. He helped them "walk the walk" daily, applying the principals of Torah. They were responsible for their own "religion", not Him. Is that a portrait of our churches today? I am not refuting that churches are void of people who love and serve the Lord - even with all their life...and some do it like Jesus did, it seems that they are far and few in between. Instead, we get mixed up in doctrine and antidotes, printing our materials, running programs, or standing on corners with signs and bull horns...this is very different from The Way, Jesus showed us. We have moved church into buildings and boxed it in with all kinds of "ideals of man", we have turned God's kingdom into and institution of man...another kind of prison.

Jobs: What happened to people who learned trades that built communities and helped our brothers? Now we follow a buck. We lock ourselves in cubicles or "Sell out" for some companies advancement. It's like trying to live a dual life - serving two masters. The result is emptiness and lack or purpose. We fill our days manufacturing (or rather, importing) goods, and preforming services that only distract us from God and tear down our families. So many of us have bought the lie that women are better "fulfilled" in the work place instead of building strong foundation in their homes. So they are run ragged trying to both and can't really give herself to either. Families are frayed and fractured because our our pursuit of American happiness.

Health care: The place where we have arrived in health care is frightening. It is direct opposition to what it started out to be. People are playing God and we blinding volunteer to be their guinea pigs. We fail to see that YHVH has provided us all we need in His creation to treat those things which infect us, if we only learn to use them! Drug companies are just as corrupt as the sleazy guy on a city street corner who tries to hand a 10 year old a little bag of something. They are motivated by money and power will stop at nothing to get their drugs in the hands of people - they market directly too them with fanciful adds on TV. We don't even bat an eye at this anymore. They have schools convinced that kids need to be drugged for the greater good so there is that whole element too. Oh sure we have made some great "advances", however, it seems to me that we have paid a greater cost. How is it that your child can go get drugs (birth control or day after pills) without parent's consent or even have a surgical procedure without your consent. How is it that we have given such power to the "state" and hospitals? How is it that DOCTORS probe children seeking to implicate their parents behaviors as unacceptable or dangerous to the child, with no just cause... just as routine procedure?? Questions like, Do your parents drink? How do they store their alcohol? Is their a gun in the house? Etc...

Thinking: Have our brains gone numb? Have we forgotten to think? We have this "fill in the blank" mentality, so that we can move onto "our own thing". We want to be spoon fed things, and always follow the path of least resistance. We have become so pampered and hedonistic that we seek only the pleasure of life. It has made us lazy and vulnerable. 100 years ago, people wouldn't have imagined it would ever arrive to such a state. The things which we don't even think twice about would have been seen as obvious stupidity (to say the least). The state is creeping into the home and taking over. This is the kind of stuff that happens in totalitarian and communist countries- Except in those countries it is forced upon the people. Here we are free and ALLOWING it to happen. What are we thinking??? I am suggesting, that we are not. (thinking - that is) Instead we are looking a pretty flashing lights, listening to happy tunes, counting our money and looking for the next best thing, all while fattening ourselves on empty chemical laden food induce mental comas! We are wrapped up in our selves so deeply that we miss what's happening around us. Our culture has become our morphine.

We need to get off the junk - put on the full armor of God and take a stand to defend what matters, and BECOME a Disciples of Yeshua/Jesus.

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