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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Nutritional Herbology

Nutritional Herbology, A Reference Guide to Herbs, by Mark Pedesen
This is a wonderful resource to use to find out what nutrients are in herbs to make your own teas and herbal mixes. I have never seen anything like it. It gives you the chemical breakdown and amounts of the components in many many herbs. It gives a comprehensive description of each herb, its individual components and its uses, A very worthy resource for anyone who uses herbs to heal and be well!



CarmenV said...

Pamela, i saw the reviews on amazon and was able to view some of the pages in the book. Tell me does the author have some kind of photo for each herb? is it a colour photo or black and white? looks very interesting. i am needing more reference as i don't have enough while doing my herbal course with SNH online. I appreciate your help.

Mommy Set Free said...

Hi Carmen,

This book does NOT have one picture in it. This is a very techinacal reference style manual that lists the herbs by name. It could be intimidating for the new herbalist...but as one's knowledge and experiance grows, so will her appreciation for this book! Each entry tells of the herb's properties, nutritional facts,scientific and common names, systems effected, history of use, medical properties, typical dosage, traditional formulas, and chemical constituants, and nutriants of note. I have never seen a manual like it! Very thorough. This book is not designed to help you identify herbs, it assumes you have done that (or will do that). Rather its a wonderful tool/guide for using herbs for medicine or nutrician because of its detailed information on each herb. A home herbalist has the information she needs to develop remedies or tonics, etc for specific needs; Instead of only relying on other's recipes. Does that make sense?

Let me ask you...what is SNH?