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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cinnamon Tea

The following tea is a deliciously refreshing drink , that is good for you and caffeine free. I never think of Cinnamon for spring and summer; it usually says fall/winter to me. However, I was pleasantly surprised when a friend from Mexico served this delightful tea cold on a hot day. It may be served at room temp, hot or cold. It is very versatile, you can make it how you like it! If you like it stronger, weaker or sweeter..those things are easy to adjusted. This is one of the ways I like it:

9 cinnamon Sticks (3" long)
1 gallon of pure water
1/4C Rapadura
splash of vanilla extract

Bring all ingredients to boil, and simmer. Let cool, remove sticks and drink.

Notes: If you like to serve it over ice or you like a lot of cinnamon flavor, make it stronger. This mix is a mellow one that actually makes you have to think "is this cinnamon?". It is also very mildly sweet. (I don't usually sweeten my teas at all.) You could use other sweeteners, like honey, Sucanut, raw sugar, maple sugar, etc...but the Rapadura gives is a rich and round flavor that I really appreciate. The longer you simmer it the stronger it gets. You could also add sticks.

My husband likes to add milk to his (both hot and cold), which is tasty. It is very reminiscent of Horcheta, if you have ever had that. (Almond, Rice or coconut milk would also be very good!)

My kids also adore it. You might try freezing some in ice cube trays and serving the cinnamon cubes in a glass of regular sun tea for a little pizazz or putting them in popsicle molds for the kids for a really hot day.


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Anonymous said...

Sound Yummy and I am not even much of a cinnamon fan....though I wonder if using the milk will make it like a chi....