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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ronen Shalom

This is one of my favorite artists. I absolutly love worshiping YHVH with Him. I prayed for a "new song" (new artist and music) to labor to when i had my last baby (3 months ago). Abba gave me two new artists - this was one. I danced and sang in labor! I also brought forth my precious baby boy out of the water, while worshiping with Ronen Shalom. I was excited to find these two videos to share with you.

This video linked below, is one of my most favorite songs. I sing it so the hills of TN ring forth with worship! The link option was disabled...so you have to go there.


Much Love,


Cristina G said...

I found your page when looking up links for Ronon Shalom. Your family photo brought tears to my eyes, such a beautiful tribe of all nations. So blessed! Shalom, havarim. I pray your swift journey to Israel, in His power and might. See you in the Millenial reign!

Lisa M. said...


Anonymous said...

Pray for Messianic worship artist Ronen Shalom


If you read hebrew you can read the actual article Ronen wrote here (in Hebrew) you can translate it with Google translate.

I think folks in America need to realize Ronen is still going to America to raise money for his "ministry" and community that no longer exist, but those funds are being channeled to the anti-missionary groups like YAD L’ACHIM. I do not have all the information but I am sure these are not groups I want to support not even inadvertently.

Here you have his own words (in hebrew)


There is much more to this as we have received many reports from folks in Israel over the last 18 months, who are very concerned about his family.

MommySetFree said...

Thank you for telling me. I have checked into it - and have gotten confirmation that it is true. This grieves me on so many levels! I am prayerful!

Peter Johnson said...


my name is Peter, i saw Ronen play years ago in a small community in the desert here in Israel.

The article I shared is one of the saddest things I've ever seen.

It would appear that this family were duped by an ultra Orthodox man called Daniel Asor who is meant to be a former Messianic believer who is part of Yad Lachim but also wrote a book and a film denying Yeshua and this is causing people to turn from Messiah of Israel.

please keep praying for the Shaloms and for Daniel Asor