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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Garlic Oil Warning - DANGER

It is with great concern that I write the next post in the hopes that it will reach everyone who read my post on fresh garlic oil. I received an very informative (and polite) comment on that post from a reader who warned me against the dangers of storing garlic in oil. I checked it out and it seems that she is right!

This of course is new information for me. If you read the article you know that we have been doing it that way for quite some time!! One of things she said was something like this (I am paraphrasing from memory),"You may be able to store garlic for years without incident, however all it takes is one serving to be contaminated." She is right. It is not worth the risk! So I will be dumping my (gallon of) garlic oil out in the morning. Botulism is what we are talking about here and I want to implore you to be "better safe than sorry" and do not store your fresh garlic in oil. When in doubt; leave it out! (YHVH, may this warning reach everyone who needs to hear it!)

After reading about it, it is said to be OK to make garlic oil for immediate use. It is also said to be OK to refriderate or freeze it immediatly. This will be how I do it from now on. (I have modified my post to reflect these new things learned I tonight!) Below are two links.

The first is to read for yourself about the dangers of storing fresh garlic in oil and garlic oil.

The second is lots of great tips on storing/using garlic. (Followed by the same warning about storing it in oil!) Garlic Tips

I apologize with great sincerity for this mistake! I thank you, Kate, for caring enough to correct me; I believe this correction was a gift from YHVH to protect my family from harm (because we do use it so much!) I am very troubled that I suggested something that could be harmful to my readers and I earnestly pray that NO harm comes to anyone! At the same time, I am praising Abba for His provision and protection through this feedback on the post.



Anonymous said...

You know when I made my batch, I remembered reading that you should keep it in the refridge...and use with in a matter of days... Thank you for posting so quickly. So far I only been using it for cooking...praise Yah for the start over! Blessings Pamela!

The Road Less Traveled said...

Thank you Pamela for the correctiohn, like Andy I thought I had read herbal oils could go bad, but after reading you post I though I was mistaken, so glad I didn't make up a fresh batch yet.

How wonderful he is to keep your famly as he did, we server a mighty El and full of compassion.

Have a wonderfu Shabbat!

The Heaton Family said...

oh wow! Am I glad I read this! I am a store- it- ALL kinda gal and that was on my list to make and do. Let's hear it for my procrastination! Thanks for the heads up! I hate that you had to throw all of it away, but I admire you for safety first! Yah is GOOD!