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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Herbal Yogurt Pops

I've made all kinds of herbal tea popcycles and yogurt popcycles...but I never thought to make herbal yogurt popcycles! Not until it was suggested in one of my classes at Learning Herbs - that is. Here is a recipe with Hibiscus which is rich in Vitamin C and a festive red color. It also has Chamomile which is a rich source of nutriants and has a plethora of healing properties. (Two things I always have on hand!)

These pops passed my kids' test, and this recipe made our family recipe book. Give them a try. I will be more bold to experiment along these line too!

1/4 C Dr. Chamomile Flowers
2 T Dr. Hibiscus
2 1/2 C boiling Water
Honey to taste (2/3 - 3/4 Cups)

*Put honey and water in jar and mix to disolve.
* Add herbs, cover and let steep for a minimum 5-10 minutes. (I like to let my infusions stand longer...as long as possible it derives more properties...but also makes it stronger.)
*Strain Herbs (not neccessary if you bag them while ther steep)
* Put in blender and add:

pinch of salt
2 C Yogurt
2T Lemon Juice

Blend and pour into popcycle molds of choice, and freeze.
(Great Premade Shabbat Treats! Nice to have on hand for little visitors too!)

This recipe makes 18 tupperware molds (3 trays). (You could easy cut this recipe in half if thats too many.)

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Andi said...

Interesting....I would have never thought of this either....;0) I now know what to with all my herbs...LOL!