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Sunday, July 25, 2010

The King's Daughter Interview - Carmen

My name is Carmen. My family and I currently live in North Texas

What are your website names?
Our website http://www.pebblecrossing.com/ is our family online business which our son is currently revamping. We are hoping to have it back online soon. Our main focus is to be of encouragement to others in choosing a healthier lifestyle and maintaining health in order to continually be of service to Yahweh so when He calls us we are ready.

We also have a blog http://pebblecrossing.blogspot.com/ which we started a few months ago to complement our online store. Here we share healthy recipes which follow biblical levitical laws. Other information is also shared which will continue to help edify others in their walk towards a better relationship with our Messiah by following His ways when making wise choices in all areas of their lives.

How old are you? I am 49 years young! I have been married for 16 years to my dear husband John. I love you Johnny!

Please tell us a little about your family: My husband and I are 1st generation Canadians. My husband’s parents came to Canada from Italy after WWII. My father who arrived from Spain after WWII met my mom and her family in Canada who also arrived after WWII. So as you can tell we are a multi cultural family. We have two beautiful children, our 15 year old son Zachary and our 14 year old daughter Leah. We love spending time together especially outdoors weather permitting. We are a homeschooling family. I decided to homeschool our children against my husband’s wishes, the main reason being, I just couldn’t see my days without them. If I were to relive this part of my life, I would have obeyed my husband, no questions asked. After a few years of homeschooling, Johnny did realize the fruits of homeschooling and has since then been a big advocate for homeschooling.

Please tell us a little about your faith:
We have been Shabbat keepers from the beginning of our marriage. Our faith is continually growing as we continue to seek Elohim’s face, by reading and studying the bible and threw our trials we have experienced. And no matter how much brokenness we are experiencing, we are loving Abba and His son Yeshua even more for the work being done in us. It has only been about three years since we have been learning more of the Hebrew roots. It has been an amazing journey as we continue learning to take everything to Abba to make sure we are worshipping Him and glorifying Him in the way that He would want us to.

Do you work outside the home? No I do not work outside the home. I try to supplement income to help my husband with our online business and other ventures as time allows. My first priority is to take care of my husband, and our children.

Carmen, I see from your blog that you are passionate about raising your daughter to be a skilled Keeper of the Home, your future son-in-law and grandchildren will be so blessed by the investment you spend today!! Can you tell us how this vision developed in you? Were you raised this way?
My mother, which we call “Mamie”, French for mom, stayed at home for the most part well when I grew up. She did teach me many skills which I am very grateful for and am able to teach them to our daughter. As I’ve read scripture, I have also been convicted that my place should be at home raising, encouraging and preparing our children to pass the baton in their future family to win the “race”. I believe this passion for me is growing continually.

I just love your site, we have so much in common. One of the (many) things I noticed was that you list TorahClass.com on your site (too). I wish EVERYONE would go through his (FREE) classes. He has made such a positive impact on us. How has he impacted your family?
I was introduced to Torah Class by my sister who is also Torah Observant. We have used their online studies to complement our daily bible study time in the mornings. There are many sites out there which we learn from but TorahClass.com’s online audio’s are very easy to understand even for a young age. We are hoping to listen to more with time.

Have you experienced any persecution for becoming a Torah Keeper? I don’t recall being persecuted when becoming a Torah Keeper. I think when I became born again for the 2nd time as I was learning more of the Hebrew roots, I was blessed with so much more zeal that it may have been hard for people to adjust. I had been transformed almost instantly. I just wanted everyone to experience what I was experiencing. Yeshua’s light became so much brighter and clearer for me to follow His path. Do you understand what I’m saying? (YES, I do. :-) )

List your top 5 favorite things to do:
- Spending time in scripture learning and being in His presence
- Just being with my husband John
- Spending time with my family
- Spending time with my family outside enjoying the beauty of creation
- Learning new things

List your least favorite 5 things to do:
- Cleaning the house
- Running errands
- Being away from my family
- Being in a confrontation with someone
- Having to say good-bye knowing I won’t see this person for a long time

What is one thing few people know about you?
- I am a very emotional person although I may not always show it and can cry easily, whether grieving, because of pure joy or just being in Yah’s presence.

What is your favorite thing about your husband?
- When conviction comes upon John, he will follow through. Nothing will sway him. That blesses me very much.

What is your idea of a romantic occasion with your husband?
- I just love spending time in conversation with Johnny, it doesn’t have to be anything special or any special place, just being with him on a regular basis, means everything to me.

If you could teach other mammas ONE THING, what would that be?
- Always try to edify your children no matter the situation when disciplining. We have been given so much grace and mercy that they need to receive the same from us. Give your children as much love as you can and always apologize and ask for forgiveness whenever you have done them wrong. Oops, that was more than one thing….

What is The Father doing in your life right now?
- Yah is teaching me to continually trust in Him and to praise Him continually no matter the situation we are faced with.

What are you currently studying in The Scriptures?
- I am currently in the gospels working my way through the bible again. I am excited about starting to read the Torah portions with my family after Sukkot this Fall..

What are you most passionate about?
- To be able to just give you one answer is hard. In this moment in my life my passion is continually to be in Yah’s will and seek His face and to teach our children and others of the same. I am always trying to be there to encourage others and reminding them that we will never be left or forsaken. I’ve been learning to be of encouragement when Yah wills me and not necessarily when I believe it’s the right time. I am always passionate about what I’m learning in scripture and to be able to share that with others is always exciting to me.

Thank you Pamela for interviewing me. I am honoured.

Blessings in Messiah

Carmen and I come together on the Messianic Keepers at Home Forum. She inspired the study that is about to follow this post! I am blessed to have met her and I look forward to knowing her better through emails and our online communication. If I ever get to Canada I'm going to try to coordinate with you and your family Carmen! I am also looking forward to watching yours son's handywork and watching your website develop!

In Him,


Sowers of Hope said...

I would like to add just a little more about my dear sister Carmen. She is my oldest sister and a beautiful and treasured friend. She is truly an encourager and a wonderful listener. It was because of her love and gentle spirit that I was able to walk through some very difficult moments in my personal life. She doesn't rush healing to take place in another one's heart, but rather tenderly holds the other person's hand and patiently waits for Abba to complete His work. YHWH has blessed me and many others by putting Carmen into our lives. I love you Camen ~ ta petite soeur, Claudia

Andi said...

HI CARMEN! I am so thankful I was read this interview, I really enjoyed getting to know you a little more! :0)

Thank you Pamela!

CarmenV said...

Pamela, so now you know, we are not only sisters in Yeshua but true sisters.

Merci Claudia for your most kind words, you are a blessing to me every day.