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Thursday, September 16, 2010

My 40th Birthday Breakdown :-)

I thought I would share my 40th birthday with you! It was yesturday. It was a good day!
  • I went for a brisk morning walk with Hailey and Elijah (and Shiloh -the Beagle - who did an AMAZING job on his first leash training event) This is a new routine we have, which will turn into bike rides again as soon as pick up my new "birthday bike".
  • Had our daily family Hebrew Class (Our goal is to learn Hebrew to study the Scriptures in the original language - my ultimate goal is memorize it in Hebrew...but that will be down the line. )
  • The kids must have wished me a HB 100 hundred times in the day.
  • We unpacked a big produce order (we get Org Produce in bulk off a truck again).
  • Got to get some organizing chores done (my favorite)
  • Opened some gifts/cards from family, had a birthday donut (ben arranged that!)
  • Had the gas guy come to remove a gas heater form the hallway (which was my nemesis, ever since it caught Eliana's hair on fire last year!)
  • Two friends stopped by (one of which I hadn't seen for over a month because her 5 yr old boy was just diagnosed with Leukemia...so that was a real treat to wrap my arms around her!)The other stopped by twice - once to get their produce order, the other to bring me "40" decorations.
  • Got lots of cool emails from friends from all over.
  • Won 3 eBay auctions (for a nightgown for Hailey, a robe for Naomi and a MUCH NEEDED Play yard for Chazaq for upcoming Sukkot).
  • Got lots of emails from friends, sending birthday love.
  • Got our anxiously awaited itinerary from a group of friends we plan to camp with for Sukkot (Fall Biblical Feast) at the end of the month.
  • Took a ride into Columbia to get materials for a shelf on my porch (so I can store my canning stuff on the porch instead of the barn and still have work space on the porch...dreamy!) and astroturf to cover a super dusty entrance to the back of the house and to the hot tub. (I am SO EXCITED about that. I'm hoping that get done today!)
  • Went out to eat at a local steak house
  • Went to a new park/play ground so the kids could get that donut our of their system. :-)
  • Listened to a Torah class to and from Columbia. (Hayasod)
  • Started actually putting Sukkot plans on paper
  • Ben and I ended our day snuggling on the couch, after the kids went to bed with a long awaited movie we got in the box from Netflix (which seems so rare) about Ip Man. (Very good! This was basically the man who put Wing Chun on the map.....Wing Chun is a marshal art style I trained in, during my time in San Francisco in my 20's. (Every morning at 5am before I left my 15 hour days in College. I went to school than was a lab assistant in the evenings from 7am - 10pm at night - 5 days a week. So that was a flash back! Also weirdly special! )

So really it was the perfect end to a perfect day! :-)

In posting this, I realized one things we didn't do! Take pictures! What a shame.


Moira said...

It sounds like you had a fantastice day!!
Happy B-Day!

singing mama said...

Happy 40th birthday Pamela!! Sounds like a very blessed and full day!! How wonderful to know Yahweh and His truths and for Him to be your anchor thru all ages and stages!
Love Donna

Katherine said...

happy be-lated b.d!

Andi said...

Ok the whole marshal arts thingy just put you in a whole new light....LOL! Happy belated Day!
Love ya!

Mommy Set Free said...

Andi...OH YES! I was a fighter whom YHVH has trained to be a lover! ;-) Halleluyah!

Christine said...

Happy 40th Pamela! What a lovely day you had :-) I'll be 40 next birthday and still wanting another baby! so you are an inspiration to me, my friend. Love and blessings to you all, Shalom Christine

Stephanie said...

Congratulations and Happy Birthday!

CarmenV said...

I'm so happy to hear you had a blessed day. so special.