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Friday, September 17, 2010

Shabbat Menu 9/17 and Call to Prayer

Good Preparation Day to you! Yesturday the intensity of the preparing for Sukkot has kicked in. This week we had two birthdays after Yom Teruah and have been quite busy. Next week we have Yom Kippur to prepare for, and a Dentist appointment which is a distance and some prep shopping to be done, in addition to all the camping and cooking prep...so I am starting to feel the squeeze. :-) So...through out this prep day and the work ahead next week, I have decided to be prayerful for all of you preparing Momma's and to keep worship music and calming instramental music going in my home and car. I want to be deliberate about keeping my peace in these hectic days. Would you like to join me? If you would like to join me in interceeding for other preparing Momma's at this time... it will bless the whole family of YHVH (and help us to keep the spirit!) Please comment below if you will make it a point to pray for one another amidst your preparations this week - so that we may all be encouraged.

Shabbat Evening Meal
Grilled Marinated Chicken Breasts
Homemade Ice Cream
(Papa made a BUNCH yesturday! Strawberry, Dark Chocolate and Mint Chcolate Chip He is working on his last batch of Vanilla as I type this morning for next Shabbat's Evening Meal. Ice cream is His department - he does it so well!)

Shabbat Breakfast
Thermos Apple Spelt Cereal

Shabbat Meal O the Day
Italian Lentil Stew
Crusty Bread
Chocolate Pudding

(Can you tell we have some dairy we got behind on last week? :-) I have 2 batches of Cottage Cheese that sat over night last night too! That will make for nice quick lunches this busy week!)

YHVH I thank you for all these ladies whom devote thier days to preparing for your Moed and serving their families with passion. I thank You for their fellowship here online and for their commitment to You and their families. I thank you for Your moed, that you reveal Yourself in us and You refine and train us through them. I thank You for revealing them to each one of these ladies may we truly know what a holy gift it is! I pray Your peace be IN us all through out this busy week and that it be a joy to serve you and others. I pray that we truly rest this Shabbat so that we may be refreshed and recharged for the next week. I pray that we all go forth with joy and love in our hearts as we serve. I pray that we truly understand the value of what we do. May we be worthy examples to our daughters and to our sons and to our neighbors. May we remain open to your Devine apointments to minister to others amidst our many tasks at hand - remembering that people are more important than chores. May we know that YOU have us covered. May we REST in YOU even is our minds and bodies may become weary in service. May we not forget to smile. May we remember hugs and kisses for our children and our husbands. May all of those in our families join in the preparations together, as we work side by side with those we love, in service. May this be a precious time of family memories as we prepare our hearts, minds, homes and succah's for your precious Moed and continue to reflect and repent of the things you reveal to us in this 10 Days of Awe. May we let go of the things that don't matter and hang on to the things that do! I pray all these things in your precious and Kadosh Name! Amen.

Much Love,


YahKheena said...

count me in! I'll be praying for all our sisters that are busy to day preparing for Shabbat, Yom Kippurium, and Sukkot...

Have a productive prep day!!

Love ya!

singing mama said...

I will commit to praying as well. You said it all beautifully here Pamela, I too have been feeling fairly stressed and squeezed this week and have acted very poorly on some occasions due to this. I have been trying hard to rest in YHVH and glorify Him in all I do and say but as most mamas know this can be very hard sometimes. I will be fervently praying for others in the same boat and I know that I will be blessed by the prayers of others too.
Shabbat shalom.
Love Donna