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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Featured Crock Pot Blogs / 9 Reasons WHY

I absolutely LOVE my crock pots! I have three 5-6 Qrt crocks (two which are the travel kind) and 3 small 1.5 qrt crocks for sauces and dips. (I told you! I am serious about my slow cookers!) They are an amazing tool for hospitality, busy moms and Shabbat meals! I have often dreamt of starting a crock pot blog! (Then Yah reminds me, that I have to pace myself! I just can't "do it all", right??!) But here are three women who have done that for us! So we can enjoy the fruits of their labor!


If you have not been using your crock pot AT LEAST 2 times a week, you are really missing out! I use mine several times week (depending) and often daily and often have more than one going Shabbat (that was all "loaded up" on Prep Day).

9 Top Reasons why the crock pot should be one of your favorite kitchen tools:

1. Easy Clean Up! Most newer models have a crock that pulls out of the cooking base, so one-pot clean up is a breeze. Prep dishes are washed ahead, so you only have serving/eating dishes to wash after your meal.

2. It is hard to burn stuff in the crock pot. (Although I have done it! But...) They are full of grace! Who doesn't love grace??

3. Slow food is nutritious food!!! It is documented that foods cooked at slow low temperatures retained the greatest amount of food value and nutrients in cooked foods!

4. You can prepare your meal when it is convenient for you and know that it is taken care of. (I just love a check things of a list don't you??) This means you can go about your day and at the end of the day...you have a hot delicious meal WAITING for YOU!

5. Crock pots are very fun for your kids to fill!(And and great way to train them to become more independent in the kitchen. Consider assigning a child a "Crock Pot Meal Night", and watch them blossom in the kitchen!)

6. Crock pots make whole foods easy to make! They are SO very simple to use! Whole foods are good for your body and good for your budget! (Avoid recipe that use lots of processed ingredients...there are so many out there that DON'T.)

7. Travel crock pots are great to take placed to bless others for fellowship meals!

8. Crock pots allow us to get out of the kitchen and do other things!!!

Slowdown and Enjoy Life...and use your crock!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this much needed reminder. I love my crockpots. They are a lifesaver sometimes, but I should use them on a regular basis. I have two of the biggies. Only issue is coming up with new grain-free recipes. I'll definately check out the links tomorrow. Shalom!

Andi said...

# 10 It's great to come home to a warm meal, since it most often a safe thing to leave unattended for a short time! We Love The Crock Pot...and we have three too!