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Friday, May 20, 2011

Help a Young Family Serve in Israel

Some dear friends of ours from PA, Jake and Heather Meyers were here a few weeks ago. During their visit, they were praying and discussing some decisions they were in the midst of making for the direction of their young family. Well, we recently had follow up communication with them and that has all been worked out (in The Spirit), they are now confident that they are called to do whatever it takes to serve in Israel. They are working with other friends of ours, The Wallers, who have founded a small ministry called HaYovel. HaYovel is a service ministry that volunteers to work for farmers in Israel. They spend as long as they can there twice a year volunteering... and are looking for ways to serve even more. Those who work for HaYovel have to pay their own way and give lots of time...and they WORK. If I remember correctly last year Heather and Jake were there for 2 1/2 months for the harvest. I think it has been about 6 years now since HaYovel has been doing this and they have really established relationships down there and people are opening their hearts to them (no small thing in Israel - when it comes to believers in Messiah!). The locals see this group is very different... They see YHVH's Hand in it all and are seeing His LOVE in them.

The Meyers are seeking assistance to cover their financial needs to be able to serve and they are scheduled to leave in 2 months. So they are willing to travel and speak to groups if necessary, to share what they are doing in Israel, in the hopes to bring in that support via prayer and finances that they need to bring this trip to pass. They also desire to spread awareness about what is going on in Israel and the work of this ministry. HaYovel is always looking for more volunteers for this year's harvest. (The harvest is great and the workers are few!)

Heather and Jake are like our brother and sister! We have many friends (who are also family in Yah) who serve with HaYovel as well. I am trying not to think of the announcement that President Obama made today about "America's Position" regarding Israel. It makes my stomach turn and my blood boil. However, I know YHVH is in control and I can rest in His Shalom through it. The fact is, there are risks in serving in Israel in this way, and HaYovel has met some resistance from Palestinians before...but when you are called - you are called! If you are sold out for HIM, you wouldn't dream of ignoring and assignment He has given you! It is worse NOT to go, if you are called to something, than it would be to go and meet with danger. Knowing that in my heart of hearts brings me comfort and keeps me faithful in supporting them in the ways that I can. So please please join me in remembering all these folks in your prayers (especially this fall over the months surrounding Sukkot).

If this ministry is new to you, please check it out. If you can give, please give. If you can pray, please pray. If can go, please go. Either way, you can follow the Meyers' journey with this ministry, as much as they can share, through their new family blog, www.MeyersGoSeek.com . I have a button for them on my side bar, if you would like to share it on your blog (or access it another time).

Blessings and Shalom,


Abbey said...

What an inspiration this family is! I looked into the ministry also and I am in awe of the dedication of the people who serve. What a beautiful act.

Really spurs my heart strings to seek YHVW's guiance for what my family is truely called to do for His service.
Thanks for sharing.

Natalieh said...

Awesome. :) He will certainly provide for them to go! Amein! Blessings, sweet love.

Heather Meyers said...

Thanks so much for the lovely feature Pam - you guys are DEFINITELY like family to us! ;o) be blessed! excitedly preparing to serve in Israel - Heather