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Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Quick Challah Tip

To help lighten the load of dishes and meals on Erev Shabbat (Friday) consider this handy tip tha we employ often. Make your Challah dough on Thursday! Simply make dough and pot in a sealed bowl (plastic wrap works great) in the fridge. The next day, take out and shape and let rise and bake as usual. It is so qonderful having this "instant" dough on hand on Preparation Day!

Here is Home Shalom's Whole Grain Challah Recipe and with Fruity Variations (especially nice as a breakfast bread!)


Moira said...

Great idea! There have been times I make my Challah on Thursdays and boy is that a nice thing to have finished, but I like your idea better because it would be one day fresher.
Now, when I am running short on time I use the 5 minute Artisan bread method. Basically combine the ingredients and forget about them for two hours(I am good about the forgetting part,LOL)then braid rise bake as normal.

Linda @ Linda's Lunacy said...

Great tip. Thanks! I've done this with pizza dough, but haven't tried it with challah dough as my daughter is our official challah maker. I read her your post and she thought it was a great idea. :)

Linda @ Linda's Lunacy

Mommy Set Free said...

Yes! By the way - you can do this with ANY bread dough! I have tried it with so many and it always works!

YES! I love the Artisan method. I do it with 100 percent whole grain (unlike their mixed or white version in the cookbook ) and with sour dough too. It really makes bread making fit into your life better, doesn't it?? Make the dough when you can - then you have dough on hand when you want it! I love to PLAN to forget things too! :-) I just know it will happen- so why not make it work FOR me instead of against me! LOL! :-)

HereinisLOVE said...

Interesting! I've always wondered about making the dough ahead. Thanks!