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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Grilled Portabella Salad

If you like mushrooms, try this sophisticated, delicious and EASY meal. It is wonderful for a fast Erev Shabbat Meal for summer time. It is really easy to do on the grill, which is great if you are trying to keep the heat out of the house. My grill is a crucial part of my summer kitchen!! (I must admit isn't my kid's favorite...because they prefer their mushroom "hidden" in stuff. :-) It is also perfect for a special romantic meal. This is another example of my idea of California Cookin'. Adjust the quantities to the amount of people you are serving.

You will need:
1-2 Portabella mushrooms per person
Feta Cheese (I prefer Sheep Feta - but it's not easy to find- if you ever get a chance, try it!)
Baby Spinach
Roasted Red Bell Pepper (or buy it in a jar)
Balsalmic Vinegar

1. Line your plates with baby spinach.
2. Put twice the amount of Balsalmic Vinegar you expect to drizzle over top of your mushrooms. (For instance, I figure about a 1/4C for every 2 people or so - it reduces to 1/2 that.) Out it in a small saucepan bring it to a boil and trun it down to a simmer and let it boil down to about 1/2 the volume.
3. Put your washed, stemmed mushroom caps on the grill (with your peppers if roasting). Grill the mushrooms until tender.

Plate it up! Put your mushroom(s) on your bed of spinach. Top with a generous amount of crumbled feta cheese, lay sliced rsted red bell pepper on top ( I like to add a little more than is in my picture- they are SO yummy!), and drizzle the balsalmic vinigar reduction over top. It make a delicious and beautiful salad!


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