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Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Beautiful Truth

I want to share with you, 2 documentaries very worth watching. The links I am providing here are to places that allow you view it online for FREE. However, they will contain commercials. If you despise commercials as much as I do, please look for these films at Netflix, Amazon Instant Watch or your favorite movie resource. They are worth owning in my opinion, because they are easier to share that way. (I hope to obtain a copy of each, when my budget permits.)

The first one is The Beautiful Truth it is a documentary about a 15 year homeschool boy's homeschool report about curing Cancer naturally. However, it covers many topics as these things were revealed during his research. The documentary is very well done and worth watching. It is a wonderful tool to use for your older homeschoolers as well. It could be the spring board for lots of science and social research and exploration! Here is the trailer:

The second one is also about Dr. Gerson's Therapy to cure disease. It is called The Gerson Miracle. You may notice a few highlights of the films were used in Beautiful Truth, as they were made by the same people. But this film focuses more solely on Gerson's work, in greater depth. It is still worth watching both, in my opinion. There is a really neat followup on one of the patients interviewed in the clinic at the making of The Gerson Miracle and her 5 Years later in The Beautiful Truth. Her form of cancer has NEVER been healed by conventional medicine! I am sorry I couldn't find a trailer for this film.


Susan said...

These are Great--I watched them a couple of months ago= Thanks for the reminder

Beautifully Veiled said...

I've seen the Gerson one, not the other. Will be watching it soon!! Thanks!

Grove Mom said...

Thanks for putting this up. Had not heard of them. I recognized a couple of people in the trailer of Beautiful Truth from another documentary. I believe from Food Matters. The documentary about Monsanato (something like that). The older lady. Anyhow, thanks! Will be watching them. I really enjoy your blog and the MKH .