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Friday, February 17, 2012

Head Covered Woman

A sweet friend sent this to me and it made me smile. :-) So I thought I would send some love to other "Head Covered Women".

** A brother in Yah posted a (valid) concern about this video, in my comments. Please read this concern and my reply.

In Him,


YahKheena said...

Oh this is very talented brother, Ian Micheal! He spent a few days at Eminence MO this year at the Sukkot gathering. His family is very sweet and he is bold with a zeal for Torah and spreading the Good New that is not commonly seen... He has other great songs...

Thanks for sharing, Shabbat Shalom

Jenna K. said...

Oh I love that song! We saw him play at Sukkot last year in Missouri! :) Shabbat Shalom! :)

Tim Morton said...

This song is very condemning of women who don't cover. It basically says that women who do not cover their hair are unwise and worldly. I am sure you did not mean anything offensive by posting this video, but it is not in the Torah to cover, and those women that choose not to cover should not be ostracized for their choice. Just my opinion.

Enid said...

Love it...!

MommySetFree said...

Shalom Tim,
I agree with you! Torah (YHVH)does not command covering in The Scriptures. I should also mention that we do NOT believe that Paul can "write new commands" nor did He try! I believe Paul's comments on the subject are missing context and that the importance/application is misapplied by many people...and even abused. It is one of my pet peeves being a woman who does cover. I find myself always giving that information along with my answer when people ask me about it, because I believe it is important - and that there is an imbalance of understanding in this area. The people who "know me" know that. However, I forget that I have readers of my blog that do not "know me" even though I put so much out there...and often there are things left unclear and left open to assumption. I think this fell into that catagory.

You are also right in your concern, because the writer of this song does make a comparitive statement in this song, which could be seen as judgment against those who do not cover. I do not hold any such judgement against those who don't cover because of my understanding of Scripture (even though some may of me because I do).

The sister in Yah that sent this to me, does NOT actually cover either. As a matter of fact many of my dearest sisters in Yah - don't.

You might wonder than why do I? I do have a post that explains that, if you are interested. However, in a nut shell, it was a personal act of obediance between me and YHVH. He has used it to teach me (and my husband) many things, and used it as a tool to set me a part for His purposes. I do not know if I will cover until the end of my days or if He will only have me do it for a season (it has been almost 6 years at this writing). These things are yet to be revealed in my intimate relationship with Him.

So what was my purpose, in posting this video? It was just to simply bring a smile to other women who have been called to cover as well. We are truly a "minority" and it can be a lonely call at times - because while it comes with many blessings it an also cause others offense or to be uncomfortable.

You are also right that in NO way did I intend to perpetuate the message of uncovered women being ANY less in ANY way than those who cover... I do not believe or support that idea AT ALL, and often need to say so....

It is funny, as a part of what Yah has called our family to do is that He is teaching us to walk in the midst of so many different "interpratations" and understandings of Him, His culture and His ways. It has helped humble us, and helped us to see... that we (first) and everyone's walk is incomplete and not one gets it all "right". So we walk together, in love, even though - we may not see all this the same on this day...We have been promised that one day, He will set things straight and all will be reconciled completely. What a glorious day that will be. I pray that our family can walk with integrity and humility until that day comes...KNOWing that our understanding is not infallible.

So I thank you for this comment, because it has given me the opportunity to clarify our undertanding on "head covering" here once again. I will make a reference in the body of the post for that purpose as well. I pray you are not offended, brother.

In all respect for you, Shabbat Shalom!

Also, in the Love and Mercy of YHVH,
pamela (and Ben)

Monica said...

I am very glad you cleared that up. As a woman who does not cover, who wears a few pieces of jewelry, and sometimes wears tinted lip balm, I have been on the opposite end of the spectrum. How could I possibly be a part of the commonwealth of Israel when I do not "look" the part? I wish those sorts of religious barriers could be broken down and that we could all see one another as Father sees us.

My husband has never asked me to cover, and while I have covered, and continue to do so occasionally, it rarely feels right and I end up putting my scarves around my neck rather than on top of my head.

You have a beautiful ministry and I admire you greatly. From what I have seen, you have always lined everything up with scripture and have not been "legalistic", that is why it was so surprising to hear that song on your blog and hear the way the writer felt about uncovered women.

Tim and I are so appreciative of your response. We have both posted things at one time or another that have brought a smile to our face, but have been condemning (unintentionally) to our fellow sisters and brothers that do not believe the way we do.

For being people that are not easily offended, I apologize for being so. Covered women need encouragement and need to know that they are not alone. For someone who does not cover, wears the occasional pair of pants, the aforementioned adornments, but is modest in attire, it can feel like a lonely walk as well. We all need to look past appearance and believe that everyone is walking their own walk with YHVH. You did a great job at explaining your stance on that.

Thank you, sister!

Monica Morton

MommySetFree said...

Sweet Monica,
Thank YOU for your speedy and gracious responce as well! I can rest easy tonight knowing that we have come to a peaceful conclusion and can still HONESTLY call each other Sisters (and Brother)in Yah and in love. I would NEVER want to cause a brother/sister to stumble or harbor resentment in their heart, it is such an open door for the enemy to feed sybling rivalry and even become a wedge between us and the Father. May it never be so! :-)

May YHVH bless you and keep you! May your dreams be sweet tonite!
In Him, pamela

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to see the communication this video brought....:D as a women who covered for a season but submitting to my husband, now does not.
Oh the paradoxes the Scriptures unveil. LOVE IT!
I really enjoyed his song, however! It shows his appreciation for the blessing of his YHVH fearing wife. Baruch HaShem!

MommySetFree said...

Em, So true! As the years tick by and Yah continues to shape and mold us and reveal understanding in His Word...bit by bit as we an handle it - I can look back and see all the places He needed to take me through, so that I could be wear I am today (and go wear He will have me tomorrow). They were not random! While some of these places included my mistakes that I had to learn from, others were places/seasons that were neccessary, deliberate and "ordained" (if you will) for a purpose. I am so thankful for it. I am so humbled by it! :-) IT just shows how soverign and amazing He is! It shows His provision for us! It shows that He sees what we do not, and that His desire for us to grow and prosper in Him. It also shows that His grace has always abounded regardless of my level or understanding and even in the midst of my mistakes! (HalleluYah!)

Andi said...

My husband and I loved song for the heart purpose behind it, holding neither to a cover or not cover position, because it is a personal choice, given only by Father. Much love!

Carol said...

Just found your blog today. :) This head covering issue can be a hot button for strife but I'm glad it didn't come to this on here. I too believe it's a personal choice to cover always but it does say to cover during the assembly. I personally cover all the time and wear my tzitzits. Haven't had any fallout over either of them. Looking forward to reading more of your blog. :) Blessings and shalom - Carol

MommySetFree said...

Hi Carol,
So nice to meet you! Ya, all in our family wear Tzit Tzit as well...yet another "controversy" to some. Very few women and children in our circles wear them - but it hasn't caused strife. (For which I am so thankful!) I have heard folks "out there" get uptight about it though...I think there are fewer women that wear tzit tzit then even cover. So it always nice to meet other folks see what we 'see'. :-)

steve said...

Just in case if anyone is interested in head coverings, I just posted quite a few on my etsy account and they include clips and a free booklet and shipping.
---a sister in Christ

Tina said...

I am currently in the process of studying and praying through this issue. I have been covering my head in the assembly for several years, but still feel confusion about exactly when and even if I should be covering.
This song brought a smile to my face because it was cute, but I did agree with many of the comments here and really appreciated the discussion. The video raised a question for me that I wonder if anyone can help me answer. My understanding of the passage in Corinthians is that the man should not wear a covering of any kind, so I found the singer's hat really confusing! This whole issue actually condss =e?ecause I thought Jewish men always wore a hat or covering for prayer, so Paul's comments honestly don't make much sense at all to me. Can anyone help me???

MommySetFree said...

Hi Tina, That is a great question! One that I have asked myself! I hoped for your patience in my tardy responce. We have had company (and still do) and my time online is very very limited and this is not a "simple" question to asnwer...I wanted to "sit with you" for a minute if I did. Also, before I give my responce, I want to couch it, by saying... I am always learning in growing in my understanding...and this "opinion" may not be a permanant one...but I can try to explain what I have seen so far in the matter of pondering and revisting the topic....more than once in the past few years. However, I don't claim or feel, I understand it fully. :-)

First, as much as I love Paul..some of the things that have been recorded are...well....hard to understand!!! Often His writings are specific letters, sent to specific groups dealing with specific issues...and we only get to see a portion of the conversation/context..and we are also oming at it from a complelty different cultural understanding and time in History... Things can be fuzzy! Here are some general thoughts on this matter.

I believe this verse in Corithians is a specific rebuke/concern being addressed..because Paul, who zealously claims to be a lover and keeper of the Torah, would not go against it. So I also draw my conclusions based on that understanding. I do not believe that Paul's statement here is an obsolute one, rather one dealing with a specific (unkown to us)condition/situation. Why? Because, God (YHVH) specifically makes head covering a part of the official "dress code" for His Holy Preisthood. (Lev 21:10, Exo 28:4 ) There is no commandments in the Bible otherwise and Paul did not make "new commands" either.
We seem not to have all the "puzzle pieces" in the box. :-)

Also the Taleet or prayer shawl has very deep Hebraic roots in worship that are very well excepted as appropriate. Historians would say that this would be very typical/possible that Yeshua (Jesus) might have prayed/dressed this way in His time. This comparison, is one reason why some followers of Messiah choose to cover. They have committed their lives to be servants of The Most High - like the priests. Covering one's head, either male or female is also an expression of submission, repsect, honor, and modesty. The Jewish Kipah or Yamikah is a tradition that comes from these core Hebraic values.

Another side thought - we also know that Moses (Moshe) wore a viel when He came down from the Mountain with YHVH.

Some historians suggest that Paul MIGHT have been referencing an apposing religion prevalent in that time, that encomppassed "cross dressing" elements into its worship and that might have been what Paul was referring to. I do not know. It would be so nice if we could wrap up ALL the mysteries of the Bible and small with definative answers in black and white....but it seems that YHVH hasn't not chosen to make "all things known: to us just yet. :-)

l said...

We're not alone!? Our whole family wears tassels too. My oldest daughter and I cover, but the two (soon 3)younger ones aren't there yet. What are some tips on keeping them on? My little ones pull the clips and pins off. Layah Pontiff

MommySetFree said...


No you are not alone...but we are still small in number. :-)

I DO NOT have any tips fro keeping on the littles. They do pop off. The best guard against this is sewing them in for them. For now, we keep a good supply of safety pins and cotton embroidery floss on hand! (That is what we use to make it)

Blessings and Shalom, p