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Monday, February 20, 2012

Matzah Recipes Galore!

The Feast of Matzah is fast approaching and a friend of mine whom we will be spending it with the year (Yah willing), got me all excited about it. :-) So I got the bug to search for fresh recipes....I went a little nutso...I agree....but here is a list if links to recipes for the Feast of Matzah. I thought I would share them, to help spare you the the extra searh time, so you could explore some too, as you may have time in the coming weeks ahead. If you try anything and it's good, let me know, so I can make a note of that!

Matzah Brei seems to be all the rage! :-) You will see several versions in the following links/indexs. You also might consider checking my DIPS. They will go so nicely with Matzah!

Here is a whole website dedicated to Matzah recipes!

101 things to with matzah!

(22)"Passover" recipe collection http://busycooks.about.com/cs/seasonalcooking/a/passoverrecipes.htm

Olive Oil Matzo

(43) "Easy Passover" Recipes

Matzo Spanikopita and Mazto Veggie Quisadilla's

An extensive list of Passover recipes, including videos recipes!

Passover Recipe Index with other "Special Passover links"

As Easy as Matzah Pie! (several Matzah Casserole Suggestions)

Simple Traditional Dishes

A nice "Passover" recipe index

Food.com has a good list of recipes and have a neat way to browse them by catgory tabs like "quick and easy or healthy"

Kashrut has some interesting recipe worth exploring.

And if that isn't enough, FoodNetwork has 64 more recipes to explore.

184 recipes were submitted at AllRecipes.com for Passover!

Of course, I have posts from previous years for many recipes we like. So just click on my Matzah Label on my side bar anytime to access those posts. May your Feast of Matzah be a tasty and inspired one! :-)


Beautifully Veiled said...

So sweet of you to do all this footwork for me!!! Thanks so much!

ReneeK said...

Thanks for the footwork. I better get on the ball.

Andi said...

WHOOOOO HOOOOOOO thank you for making a planning step easier for me...and yes, Yah willing, we will be ready and always eager. Jeep is fixed and meals are being planned! Much LOVE!