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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Holocaust and Abortion

Ray Comfry hits the streets and interviews people about The Holocaust and abortion - This is wonderful short documentary! (About 30 minutes long.)  He brings out great points on both topics and makes people think!  Some people even change their position at the close of their conversation!

There is mature and graffic content because of the serious nature of both of these topics. Please preview the material before sharing with younger viewers.



Anonymous said...

Thank you Pam for posting this. He did a great job.

Anonymous said...

This link from the Anti-Defamation League explains why this video is horribly offensive to Jews and is "one of the most offensive and outrageous abuses of the memory of the Holocaust we have seen in years."


From ADL National Director Abraham H. Foxman, a Holocaust survivor:
"The creators of the film clearly don't get it. No Christian who understands Jewish suffering should resort to inappropriate comparisons to the Holocaust to send a message that abortion is wrong. This was one of the most painful chapters in human history. Must the memory of the 6 million and millions of other victims be continually misused and abused by those with another agenda?"

MommySetFree said...

My own winded comment requires more than one part because of the space limits in the program. :-)

First off, I want to say I mean to cause no one to be angry or resentful (offended) by my post. However, I suppose I have posted a very offensive topic - so this should not be a surprise that it might.

Here is the definition of offense as taken form Freedictionary.com

a. The act of causing anger, resentment, displeasure, or affront.
b. The state of being offended.
a. A violation or infraction of a moral or social code; a transgression or sin.
b. A transgression of law; a crime.
3. Something that outrages moral sensibilities: Genocide is an offense to all civilized humans.
4. (fns) The act of attacking or assaulting.
5. (fns) Sports
a. The means or tactics used in attempting to score.
b. A team in possession of the ball or puck, or those players whose primary duty is to attempt to score.
c. Scoring ability or potential.

Ray comfort offends a lot of people. He doesn't fit into the mainstream exceptable pattern of Christianity or Judaism. I understand what that is like. I do know the intricacies of His beliefs in full..I am sure we part ways in our understandings as well...so I need to make that clear. However, I thought this video was very interesting on many accounts.

1. It shows the clueless state of mainstream America. It is Self absorbed and morally confused!

2. He makes people think about the holocaust and abortion both. These are both VERY hard and offensive subjects.

3. He makes people think about the Law (the 10 commandments as a summery of Torah) and Yeshua ("jesus"). So there are 2 more very offensive things to most people.

4. He makes people THINK...and you know what...I am getting more convinced that THAT offends people. It seems that people have a really hard time thinking for themselves and taking full responsibly for their thoughts/choices and actions.

MommySetFree said...

When I did a BRIEF search after receiving the comment above, on Ray confort's beliefs I quickly realized that He is He offends MOST people..because He challenges their pres-established ideals of "what is right". The ADL has an agenda - they go looking for people who go against their specific views of what is appropriate in regards to the Jewish people as a whole. They consider themselves defenders of the Jews. (Whom Ray Comfort is - but since He has excepted Messiah - this code of "What is a Jew" is automatically defiles - because in is taught and ingrained that "true jews" do not except Messiah.) I agree fully that antisemitism is wrong and is very prevalent - always has been - always will be unfortunately. Even though they (the majority of the Jewish Culture) will not have me - I identify with them through the Scriptures and have been grafted into YHVH's family through my faith in Him. I identify with the people of God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob - but I not a welcome kinsman. You will not here me standing on a soap box insisting that they do. I just do not qualify in their eyes. But it is not their eyes that I am concerned about. It is what it is. I am what I am.

From the Christian point of view - Ray comfort is an offense because He teaches the value of the Law (10 commandments) and keeping it. Which includes the Sabbath and a moral lifestyle in addition to faith in Messiah. Well of course that offends so many branches of modern Christian doctrine. I have the have the Messiah in common with Christians, yet they reject me because I do not fit into into their "codes and standards". It is what it is and I am what I am. I am OK with that too.

I harbor no resentment for either "side", even though they both harbor it for me and those like me. I see both as my brothers..while at the same time disagreeing with MUCH on both sides. I love them both. What does this have to do with the topic of this video? Everything - because the two sides are always "offended" at the other because of their own man made codes and rules and ideals...it is quite sad...but Scripture promises to return and set it all straight. It is my job to weather the storm in the meantime and serve my king. It is a privilege and an honor and I am so grateful that YHVH holds me close through it all! It makes it all worth while!

It seems to me that people are so conditioned to be told what to think - that they feel they must subscribe to the "group" thought of their peers in their specific thought processes. Its just easier to do that!! To attach ones self to someone else's opinion rather to really develop and own one of our own based on due process and The Spirit working in us to show us His wisdom and lessons to be found by Filtering/discerning the "bad" and hanging onto the "good".

I also found it very interesting that the dictionary definition of "offense" contained this statement:

Genocide is an offense to all civilized humans.

Abortion and the Holocaust ARE two very strong examples of genocide. Both are VERY offensive and horrific example of the human's ability to destroy life for one's own ideals/advantage. Ray Comfort is causing the people who watch this video - to think about that.

Anonymous said...

That short "documentary" (propaganda) is anything but "wonderful." It was one of the most offensive things I have seen in long time. How can you think that comparing genocide to abortion is ok?

There are still people living who lived through the Holocaust. Do you have any idea what a person who lived through that horrific time went through? DO you know the first thing about it?

Genocide: the deliberate and systematic extermination of a national, racial, political, or cultural group.

Abortion: termination of pregnancy by the removal or expulsion from the uterus of a fetus or embryo prior to viability.

Not the same. At all.

MommySetFree said...

While I don't believe ANYONE who has not experience it first hand could truly fully and completely understand the horror that so many people endured in the holocaust. It is was hideous and ha-nous and evil beyond measure. I have the greatest sympathy for the victims, the survivors and the survivors of the victims!

Likewise, when it comes to abortion - I don't believe ANYONE who has not experienced it first hand could truly fully and completely understand the horror of abortion. The mothers and the babies especially. Likewise, It is hideous and ha-nous and evil beyond measure. I have the greatest sympathy for the victims, the survivors and the survivors of the victims abortion as well.

IN both cases millions of lives were/are taken - by someone (or several) who thinks they have the right to extinguish life based on their own warped value systems. The Nazis started with the elderly and women and children - they were the "least viable" for their work camp purposes. It is horrific. These are those whom should be the first honored and protected according to Torah! THAT is the premise in which it is being compared. Nothing more - nothing less. That is the parallel.

Some people soften the killing aspect of abortion by using terms like " fetus and embryo" and "prior to viability". Some people are happy to define and decide the "viability of life" based on it's stage of development and feel they are well within their "rights" to terminate it. Comparing abortion is also very relevant, to how Hitler defined and justified and selected His victims. When one trace the roots/foundation of the abortion industry - one will quickly find that the foundations for the belief systems of them both are coming from the same philosophies. I used to be am ignorant "right to choose, feminist". I regurgitated their justifications...until one day The Father convicted me and I started investigating the facts about abortion and push to become legalized. The fact is....that abortion's roots were for the purpose of population control as well - and was originally targeted in ghetto areas. The history is there for anyone who wants to search it out. It is REAL and it is RELEVANT. It is another form of genocide - that reaches past specific races (where it was originally targeted) and now is commonly accepted by people all as a viable solution to exterminate an unwanted baby.

Obviously there are complexities of both instances which are unique and can be argued...but I think it would be wiser to consider the ha-nous similarities. Remembering the Holocaust may help us to not allow such an atrocity to be repeated. Likewise, recognizing the atrocity of lives that are being taken daily in sterile offices in every town USA (to start)..is also ha-nous, and could be prevented. Unfortunately - like those who deny the millions lost in the holocaust, there are also those who deny the millions lost in abortion clinics..so I guess that is yet another parallel that can be compared between the two.

Anonymous said...

I haven't watched this film yet, but find similarities easy to connect. All life is sacred to Yah! Praying to end both forever.