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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lacto Fermentation Radio Shows

My dear husband came across there three radio shows about Lacto -Fermentation while out driving about for work.  It is very exciting that awareness is increasing about this wonderful method of preparing, eating and storing food!  There is always something to learn!  So if this is something you do, or would like to learn more about.  I highly recommend listening to these three radio shows.  Here they are:

Fresh Air:  Part 1 - Sandor Katz - Fermentation  101

Fresh Air:  Part 2 - Sandor Katz - Wine Beer, Cheese and Meat

On Point:  Microbs are Us - Further understanding the full ecology of the human body and how the good bacteria work and the fact that it is being studied and scientists are starting to see the importance of it.  SO much to say that, we need to stop using antibiotics and start working with  GOOD bacteria already present--which are designed to kill the bad bacteria far better than the man made versions!!!

It is my goal to incorporated lacto-fermentation not only into our diet more regularly, but also into our food storage...so I am trying to re-educate myself and put these things into action as a lifestyle...week after week...we try new things.  Somethings we love, other things - not so much. But we can't know unless we try right? Change is in the DOING!!

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Andi said...

Way cool! I tried the carrots... awesome recipe! Keep sharing... and I will keep learning too! ;0) Miss you muchly!