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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Treating Diarrhea at Home

OK here is an unpleasant topic, but it is a real part of life..it's gonna happen sometime right?  It is awful when it does, so lets be ready for it when it comes shall we?  This was one of the symptoms of a sickness that swept through our home last week..I am aware of all kinds of tricks..but are other people?  So I thought I would share what I have used and learned and maybe it could help others.

There are many causes for diarrhea and it seems to me the cause would help you choose a remedy best suited to it..But we don;t always know the cause, and frankly I am not sure how to best pair up the remedy options with the cause...but when it happens I like to do as many things as I can to clear it up quickly...and these types of suggestions can be used together in that way too.  These things are safe for all ages.

Here are a list of things that can cause diarrhea:
rich or unusual food
food chemicals, refined foods or preservatives
foreign travel
bacterial infection
viral infection
food poisoning
allergic reactions
drug side effect

Diarrhea could be dangerous when it is chronic or acute.  It can deplete the body of much needed hydration and does not allow your body to get nutrients from food.  It is wise to limit activity and increase clear liquids such as herbal teas and water or freshly made juice or smoothy are also good in most cases.  

You can make your own electrolyte solution for hydration:

2 cups water
1/2 orange, juiced (optional)
Juice of half a lemon
Juice of half a lime
1/2 tsp sea salt


1 quart of water
juice of 2-3 lemons 
1/3 c. raw honey 
1/4-1/2 tsp. sea salt 


half gallon hot water
2-6T unsulphered blackstrap molasses
1-2T or baking soda and/or sea salt
1C apple cider vinegar
  1. Nourishing meat/bone broth and rice are very good things to eat.  Or serve a big bowl of rice with some coconut oil (or butter) and seasoning of choice. Rice helps to bind the stool and is simple to digest.  It also contains a good balance of the nutrient needed to change the stool.
  2. Rice tea, which is the water the rice is cooked in is also an age old remedy.  You can flavor it slightly with vanilla, raw honey and cinnamon.   I have also read you can do the same with barley.  I have not tried it.  
  3. Charcoal Powder:  In caps or loose washed sown in glass of water.  (We prefer caps.)  We take 4-5 caps - 4- 5 times or so in the day.  It does wonders for all kinds of tummy troubles.  Especially if it related to an infection or something you ingested.
  4. Slippery Elm Balls:  Take slipper elm powder and a little raw honey roll into a balls and eat or swallow like pills.  This soothes and heals the raw colon. (Raw honey has more beneficial enzymes the processed and antibacterial properties as well.) 
  5. Bananas:  Soothes the digestive tract, nourishes the body and help give the stool some body.
  6. We always load up on garlic.  Fresh minced garlic loaded on (homemade wheat) buttered bread and toasted in the oven and served with homemade broth is super-food to my family.  :-)  This is antibacterial and nourishing to a body!  It may not be diarrhea specific, but it always part of momma's healing plan!
  7. Carob is said to also help.  Mix carob in with some mashed bananas or in a smoothy with coconut milk.
  8. Green tea is said to aid in diarrhea and it has astringent properties as well as antioxidants.
  9. Apples and unsweetened applesauce are also old time remedies.  It is said that pectin in them help.  I have also used POWDERED PECTIN (like you make jam with) and found it very helpful!  The powdered pectin can be sprinkled or added to the applesauce or smoothy or other food item. (Like mashed bananas and carob.)  It can also be added to water.  I put some in my rice tea too.  I thought it might thicken up but it didn't.  I use about 1-3 tsp per serving (depending on the size of the person) and give it a few times in the day.  I even chopped some apples, sprinkled them with cinnamon and tossed them in pectin to coat and baked them.  What a soothing and delicious remedy!
  10. An herb to help your body fight infection is also helpful, such as echinacea or olive leaf. Both are antiviral  and antibacterial. So you cover both bases.  :-)
  11. I have also read that lime juice is an effective remedy..so by having that in an electrolyte mix - you are "killing to birds with one stone".
  12. We found Kombucha to be very soothing and healing and hydrating.
  13. If you don't have dairy issues Kefir will also replenish good bacteria in the cut.
  14. Lacto fermented veggies are also a wise choice during this time!  
  15. Psyllium husk powder, is said to be helpful too.  I have never tried them for diarrhea because it get it under control with these handier things that I have on hand.  :-)  But if you got it - use it!  Or you might consider keeping it in your medicine chest for just such an occasion.
  16. Keep your diet light and healthy.  Don't drink caffeine, soda or sweets.

Take extra care to wash hands well and often.   Some say those how it should not prepare food for others.  That may not always be practical - but something to consider.  Disinfect the toilet often and it you have more than one rest room, you might designate those who are sick to use one bathroom and those who are not to use the other.  Consider washing soiled clothing or linens separately in hot, with bleach, essential oils or peroxide.   Rest and stay home if you can.  Others don't want what you have.


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Hello! Thanks for linking up to Wildcrafting Wednesday #70! It's helpful information everyone can use. No worries about linking up twice...I can't moderate that from my end anyway! :) Come back next week!

Lisa Lynn said...

This is important information for everyone to know! The only thing I would mention (unless I missed in your post) is not to give honey to children under 1.
Thanks so much for sharing on Wildcrafting Wednesday!

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I'm so glad you shared this with Wildcrafting Wednesday! What great information! :) (Looks like I'm not the only host that thinks so!) :)

~ Kathy

Traci said...

Hi Pamela:) I hope you are all doing better! Many blessings of Abba's favor and mercy!!