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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Raw Itch

I'm not talking about the itch you get when you brush against some poison ivy you didn't see on that hike you took yesterday. Nor am I talking about sitting in the grass and those little natty bugs that always tend to find your legs....no no...I'm talking about the itch to get back to eating raw food. It happens to me every spring. I found that I tend to eat "seasonally". It makes sense to me, it seems to be in sync with Yah's Creation too, as things are naturally coming into their growing season. It isn't absolute, but there is definitely a pattern I have noticed in my eating/buying patterns. So, I've just learned to "run with it". :-)

So today as I was placing my bulk organic produce order, I starting thinking more raw. afterword. I went to the books shelves to pull out all my vegetarian and raw cookbooks. Then I went to my "favorites" under "raw" and started to revisit my links that I saved last spring.
I thought I would share them with you folks. I can share other recipes we like too if you are interested. (leave comments)

This year, I am going to get really familiar with raw crackers. I have seen lots of recipes for them, but have not experimented with them much. You use a dehydrator to make them. So you can expect to see some of those recipes appearing if I find some I like...along with other raw goodies. :-)

Here are some raw links i had...


I have a few pet peeves with Raw Foodies. One of them, are the names they use sometimes. I hate when they call it something its not like, "breaded chicken fingers" when their is no bread or chicken in the recipe! Just call it what it is folks! :-) Another is when they insist on using "exotic" ingredients that you can only find if you live in San Fransico or NYC! Another is that they often give recipes that serve one or two people. As if the only people interested in raw food are senior citizens or urban artsy types who don't have families to feed. Wow...that sounded a little disgruntled, didn't it?! Maybe I need have a little more "quiet time today" :-) Or maybe I need to write a large family raw cookbook. :-)



Anonymous said...

pLOL....I am still trying to understand the whole raw life, I understand it is healthy and all, but Abraham ate milk and meat...so hmmmm. I do however fully enjoy and do add more raw items to our foods...thanks for the links...

Mommy Set Free said...

Andi, I agree. I am a whole foods gal,but still like to eat raw as much as I can. I just picked up 4 gallons of raw milk today...that would make the real raw foodies cringe. :-) I was a vegetarian for 10 years...BC (before children) but I craved chicken so bad during my first preganacy...that was the end of that. :-)

Stephanie4Him said...

I do the same, eating seasonal, but I try to eat as raw as possible as well. I just feel better, my skin looks better and it encourages others. It does. Many people are not eating right but when they hear you are they are more apt to think they can do it to. At least that is my experience...
Great links!!! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Well said Stephanie, and M.S.F! The more the better and yes we are to be lights even in our foods....
Blessings Ladies.

Anonymous said...

Same here girls.
We too get the raw itch seasonally. And it "fits" as planting begins.
I also have the same irritants mentioned (ie, calling something it is not, breaded chicken fingers? come on!)
And as good as it is for us however, we still believe the raw milk and a bit of meat is equally nutritional. I believe balance is key.