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Friday, July 23, 2010

Shabbat Menu

We are expecting dear friends for Shabbat this week. They will come early and stay late (we hope!) They travel about an hour and half to get here. There are 10 kids between us and many littln's. So I like to make sure we have lots of food. We have even had meetings that go over night into the next day...so I like to be prepared.

If ever we have left overs from Shabbat it is especially welcome on Sunday because Sunday is usually a big work day for us. We hit major projects/chores, that are hard to do in the week with other duties...so it is especially nice to have food taken care of. We can focus greater on the work at hand without giving meals much thought. I often make more than I need on erev. This helps me be prepared for last minute invitations to fellowship with folks (and have food to offer) as well.

Erev Meal
Maple Grilled Salmon
Corn on the cob
Spelt Potato Rolls
Millet in a Skillet
Fresh Mango

Shabbat Breakfast
Homemade Granola w fresh Blueberries (and raw milk)

Snacks and Refreshments (homemade of course)
Seasoned Popcorn
Chilled Watermelon
Orange Cream Popsicles
Cherry Cream Popsicles
Peppermint Iced Tea (Infusion)
Ginger Iced Tea (Infusion)
Purified Water
Luzziane Lemon Balm Iced Tea

Shabbat Meal
Grilled Lemon Basil Chicken
Technicolor Carrot and Cabbage Salad
Spelt Potato Rolls
Seasoned Rice

Havdalah Meal (Amy is bringing food for this)
Cucumber, Tomato Feta Salad
Corn on the Cob

Shabbat Shalom,


CarmenV said...

Pamela thank you for sharing, I love to see others so enthusiasically preparing for Shabbat. It's nice to see other peoples meal plans.

I'll be sharing about how joyous it is on our preparation day.

May you all be blessed (double blessing) during this Shabbat with your friends!


Andi said...

Thank you for posting your menu, it has helped me with ideas and it has helped me focus on more planning...:) I have posted my first menu for Shabbat.
Shalom my sister,

Michelle said...

I love this idea, Pamela! I have never been interested in posting a weekly menu, but Shabbat is different! I hope to join up this week (we will be traveling, but this should be interesting!). Hope you enjoyed your fellowship and all that yummy food! =)

Amy Smith said...

Thanks for lovely Shabbat, friend! I may just borrow your idea and start posting our Shabbat menu on our blog since we've pretty much abandoned our blog. Maybe that will give me something simple to start with.