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Monday, August 16, 2010

Marinated Kale

Here you go Carmen, as per your request:

This is a dish a dear friend (DJ) brought over one day. I just loved it (as I do most of her creations!), so she shared the recipe with me..and now I share it with you.

Kale is one of the last greens I usually go for...but this recipe has opened new doors for kale at my table! This is an "intuitive" recipe subject to your tastes...so experiment with it a little.

  • Get a bunch of kale and chop it into really small bits. Message it with a some sea salt.

  • In a seperate dish (I like to use a liquid measuring cup or pint jar) you are going to "eyeball" how much dressing to use for your batch of kale. Start by putting equal parts balsamic vinegar and red wine vinegar in the jar.

  • Than add a hefty glop of minced garlic, fresh or dried basil and onion powder or dried onions. (I have used minced fresh green onion, or red onion too. Just add them after the next step if you do.) Whisk together.

  • Slowly drizzle some Olive Oil into the vinegar mix, whisking all the while, to thicken and incorporate and mellow the vinegars.

  • Give a taste test with a kale leaf; adjust flavors if needed.

  • Pour over kale and toss.

Put it in the fridge and let it marinate for 8-24 hours (which makes it great salad for Shabbat). The kale softens a little as it marinates. This is delicious by itself.


My friend's favorite combination (which agree is quite tasty!) is adding Chopped Sun Dried Tomatoes, Chopped Green Olives, Chopped Avocado and Chopped fresh tomato to it and toss.

I also discovered that it is quite good mixed with Israeli Couscous, cashews, peas and raisins! (this would also me true for Millet, Orzo or Quinoa)

Let me know if you try it or make a new variation!


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CarmenV said...

Thank you very much Pamela, I will definitely try this, i've got some in the refrigerator which needs to be eaten.

blessings! ~ Carmen

Anonymous said...

I'm not a super big kale fan, but I do eat it occasionally so I'll have to give this a try. One of the reasons I don't care as much for it is because of it's tougher texture, so if marinating it softens it some, that may make it more appealing to me. :-)

Mommy Set Free said...

I does soften it...and this is something that keeps really well in the fridge for days. It get gradually softer too, never slimy (like spinach can). You also might try it mixed with some orzo or a grain to start too...because that is a great transition. Butting it very small is also key in my book. :-)