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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pineapple Stir Fry

MSF's Pineapple Stir Fry

I am pleased to share this with you. It was a hit and has many variation possibilities! It is colorful and easy to make. The kids will love it! This is a wonderful one pot meal or a delightful side to grilled meats and great to take to group meals! It is also a great way to use up left over rice...just add a little bit of water or more moisture if your rice is coming out of the fridge, this rehydrate it and keeps you from getting that hard left over rice disappointment.

This is an intuitive recipe that does not require measurements.

Cooked (and preferable soaked) brown rice about 2-4 cups

Fresh Pineapple*, cut in chunks

Carrots, sliced

Onion, chopped

Red Bell Pepper, Chopped

Fresh Garlic, minced (1-2 tsp)
Shredded Coconut

sea salt to taste (optional)

1. Put some coconut oil in the bottom of a large skillet or wok, set the heat to med- high to get your skillet hot and toss in your onions and carrots and saute unit your onions, start to get translucent.

2. Add your bell pepper and garlic, cook for a couple minutes more until your pepper starts to soften slightly, stirring frequently.

3. Add your cooked rice, peas and shredded coconut, mix well and drizzle your pineapple juice over top if you have it. (a lemon or lime would be very nice if you are using fresh pineapple and have no juice, but this is optional) Turn frequently to heat through, salt to taste. (You may turn heat down to warm and cover to make sure the whole batch is heated through and address you other tasks for the meal.)

*Or good canned pineapple is great - USE the juice! Or dehydrated pineapple, reconstituted - use that pineapple water! YUM!

* Delightful variations to consider:

Add cooked chicken (or cook the chicken in oil as step one and proceed with the remaining steps in order)

    Add cooked ground beef or thinly sliced beef ( or cook the beef in as step one and proceed with remaining step in order)

    Toss in a can of coconut milk for moisture and creamy texture.

    Add fresh minced ginger or sub the fresh minced ginger for the garlic

    Frozen mixed veggies can be easily subbed for fresh for a fast meal.

    A small squirt of Braggs Liquid Aminos instead of salt

By the way....Don't forget to where your protective kitchen eye wear, experimenting can be dangerous! :-)


CarmenV said...

so glad you are including photos of your children~too cute!

Andi said...

LOL! Love the goggles, perfect for onions! Thanks for the great recipes!

Moira said...

YUMMY!!! Thank you soooo much, I can't wait to try all of these recipes! Kale can be bitter when it's raw, I will try the recipe with spinich and let you know what happens. I'm going to cut up an onion right now! I love the safty goggles~gotta get me some,LOL!!

Enid said...

awww what a cutie pie...looks like my baby age...fun times!!