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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Apple Rushdie ( pronounced rooshdee)

This is actually Ben's Specialty. It is an old family recipe (Swiss) that his mom used to make and we find that it is MOST delightful when made with leftover Challah! Since "leftover challah" is kind of an oxymoron in our house, I have to stash the second loaf for Sunday morning to make this dish happen, but it is so worth it! If anyone heads for the bread box..I just say "we're saving it for Rushdie" and they will happily to find another snack (and won't let me forget)!

Left Over Challah, cubed
Apples, cubed (slightly smaller than the challah, we leave the skin on)
Rapedura (or maple sugar or brown sugar)

  • Use a large heavy bottom skillet and melt a generous amount of butter in the bottom. (like 1-2 sticks depending on the amount you are making!)
  • Put your cubed bread in the hot skillet of melted butter and let is toast your first side or two of the cubes - for a few minutes. Turn them onto an un-toasted side and
  • Add your apple cubes and cover (you may need to turn the heat down a smidgen) for a few more minutes. Peek to be sure your heat isn't too high.
  • Your apples will soften, but don't let them get to mush. The smaller your cubes, the quicker they will cook.
  • Now sprinkle brown sugar of choice over top and cinnamon to taste. Serve warm.

We eat this for breakfast and is especially decadent with raw cream or whole milk poured over top if you have it!

p.s. Ben says try to remember to take the organic stickers off the apples...Sometimes he forgets. :-)


Carmen said...

Pamela, I love your sense of humour, yes its like that at our house too, the bread (2 loaves) can literally be gone before the end of Shabbat. I guess that is a good thing, my baking is appreciated. You know what else is really good using Challah, Baked French toast in the oven. Yummy! Dear hubby loves it.

Anonymous said...

This sounds like a dessert that my husband makes with raisins and cheese. Something he grew up with, but they didn't use Challah. Funny considering it turns out they are Shephardi.