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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Magic Erasers

Here are some photos of last Preparation Day. We don't always get to scrub the nooks and crannies of the house like we did this week, but we I LOVE when this gets done. I make most of my cleaners but there is one store bought cleaner that I just can't seem to duplicate..The Magic Eraser. Have you ever used one of these things? They are AMAZING!

The first time I was 'wowed' by the magic eraser was when I used one as a last resort to get Sharpie marker off my (claw foot) bathtub,( in the beautifully restore bathroom in the 1oo+ year old federal style brick house we sold before we moved here)...it worked! It came off like butter! Before I tried the araser, I had tried bleach and every cleaner I had, but it did not budge! The magic erasers are a wonder cleaner for any kind of mark or scuff you may find on your wall , base boards, door jams or other surfaces. I have cleaned pen, marker, scratches, scuffs and crayons off with ease. If you have little ones, these magic erasers should be one of your secret cleaning weapons! It makes chrome sparkle and door trim, light switches and my (white) cupboards shine. The walls behind my counters that (ALWAYS seem to be splattered ) and the stove (also constantly splattered) are often visited by my wet Magic Eraser. My white fridge that gets 8 sets if hands on it all day long also knows my magic erasers well. (Ok...maybe not well enough!!) It is one of the few commercial cleaners that I am comfortable letting the little kids use...and they love to use it...cuz it work like magic! :-)

The only thing that would make these little sponges any better would be if they didn't disintegrate during use...they are a very consumable item. Also, I might mention that we use a damp cloth, in one hand and the eraser in the other because it will leave a milky residue if you don't. So I wipe behind the eraser with a damp cloth...it still is so worth it!

By the way, the generic and off brands work just as well as the name brand one (that is what I buy, since I am training myself in frugality)...so don't pay the extra money for them - get the cheap ones!

If you have spring cleaning on the brain, don't forget your Magic Erasers!!


Sigalit Chana said...

Yes, we, I mean I love them too =)

Donna said...

Yes, the magic eraser is a WONDERFUL invention!!!

Anonymous said...

I really like the erasers also. But I would like to mention for anyone who hasn't used them, that for those of us who have sensitive skin use gloves! Fiberglass in them can leave a nasty rash that is hard to get rid of.

Mommy Set Free said...

I had not idea..they seem so mild to me. We must not be the sensitive types. :-) Thanks for letting others know though. I will keep that in mind for others too.

Shama said...

I love them, but we have chosen to only use natural cleaners at home, so I have had to give them up. They are totally great, though!

Andi said...

Do you ever wonder what is in them???? I buy mine from the dollar store...and they work great!

Mommy Set Free said...

Yes, I have wondered! :-)

Amy© said...

For those who wondered what was in a magic eraser... the answer is melamine foam! Here is a link that explains what melamine foam is and how it works:


Mommy Set Free said...

OK AMY...I'm scared...but I'm gonna go look at the link. Thanks for sharing it! :-)