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Monday, June 13, 2011

Sun Tea

(Red Rose, Green tea and Peppermint Teas pictures above. Aren't they beautiful?)

Sun tea is just one of those things that defines summer to me. My Momma always made suntea (Lipton) when I was growing up. I remember being a young girl always "waiting until I could drink it". (She had me abstain for many years because of the Caffeine in it.) When she finally allowed me to join her in her hot weather treat, she only had one rule: no sugar! "If you are big enough to drink tea, you were big enough to do it without sugar", she would say. I am so thankful for that now! In the south, there is a big tradition of "sweet tea" - It is brewed than sweetened (excessively) while still hot so the sugar melts. I just find it...well...lets say - its not for me. I like to taste the tea - but all I taste is the sugar. I guess I am a Yankee when it come to my tea! :-) Thanks mom! :-)

I make my sun tea in a glass gallon jar. I put about 6-8 bags (teaspoons or so) of tea or herbs in the jug, fill it pure water, put a lid on it and let is sit in the hot sun all day. Simple and off grid tea! No heating up the house. :-) If you like sweetener, put your sugar or honey in with your tea, the warmth of the sun will help it dissolve nicely. You can also add dried fruit or herbs to enhance your teas. Delicious! (Crystallized ginger is WONDERFUL!)

If I am making a classic caffienated tea - my refined pallet now prefers Red Rose or Luizziane Brands to Lipton if buying regular store teas. There is also a couple Russian teas I became quite spoiled by when I went to my Russian grocer in PA. I have found them online, but I still treat them as "special". One is from http://www.russianteacompany.com/ called Garden of Eden tea. It is a caffeine free Rooibos tea and if you are looking for it on the site it is on the last page (12 page, black bag red label). I have just contacted them to see how to order it, because it is not obvious on their site. I am looking forward to trying more of their blends when I get the answer to my question! It is a CA based company. The other tea I fell in love with from my Russian Grocer back in PA is called Tsarina Elisaveta which is my favorite. It is a caffeinated blend. Both are sold in small bulk bags.

Speaking of Rooibos (or red) teas, Mountain Rose Herbs has one that is a family favorite called Vanilla Rooibos . My husband calls it dessert. We like it hot or iced. Rooibos is caffeine free. They have several other tasty teas their too.

Of course I like to make my herbal tea mixes in the sun too as well as single infusions like peppermint, lemon balm or hibiscus, to name a few. I was also reminded this Shavuot how yummy Red Rasberry tea is on ice. My Friend brought a gallon of it to share, that she sweetened with 1/4tsp dr. Stevia. That is a staple in her house now.

Come on over, we'll sit on the porch rockers in the shade and share a nice tall glass of iced tea together

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Andi said...

I like my tea plain too and save me a seat! I am really wanting to sit and rock, sip tea and glean from my sister! :0)

lusi said...

Oh may I come visit please?!?! I'd so love to sit with you on your porch sipping herbal teas Pamela!!!!! Maybe one day!
Love to you all,
Lusi x

singing mama said...

I love iced tea!! It has only become a 'big thing'in Australia in the last 5 years but I grew up on it (as my mum is originally from America) We used to eagerly wait for grandma and grandpa to come back from a trip to USA because they would always bring back goodies and iced tea would be one of them! We have always had iced tea in summer, mum would make a huge batch each night, although yes , I sweeten mine (not too sweet though!)I have never heard of making it in the sun though - wow! I usually make mine with boiling water each night and then pop it in the fridge to cool for the next day. When it is summer here I think I will give sun tea a go! My fav caffeinated type is lady grey - it has a slight citrus tang. At the moment I am drinking heaps of iced raspberry leaf tea, I love this in my labours too. Luv and hugs Donna

Rob Russo said...

That tea does look both beautiful AND delicious. My wife and I were just talking about making some, too.

Rob Russo
Wild Sage Homestead

P.S. I found your tea post via the Homestead Barn Hop!

Christy said...

I love sun tea - and I always drink it straight too - can't stand it sweetened. I love your different colors and flavors, I am a lipton girl when it comes to sun tea although when I drink hot tea I am much more adventurous.