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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

For Zion's Sake Cookbook

The books are due to arrive in about a week and we are taking pre-orders now. They will only be available while supplies last. This cookbook is sure to be one of my favorite cookbooks! (And I have a A LOT of cookbooks!) I have had the luxury of using it already and everything I have tried has been delicious! For Zion's Sake Cookbook has almost 1000 family approved and submitted recipes, as well as words of encouragement from Nancy Campbell (Above Rubies), homesteading tips and recipes, Scripture, healthy and whole food recipes in every category you could think of. There are also unique recipes that you don't see in just any cookbook, like gluten- free recipes, lacto fermented, sourdough, crock pot, make-ahead meals, hot cereals, vegetarian, international dishes, one pot meals, whole grain breads, unleavened recipes, the list goes on and on! This cookbook was put together by ladies from all over the country who love the Scriptures and have a heart for Israel. All the proceeds go to HaYovel who serve the farmers in Israel. Here are a few comments by some folks who are excited about the cookbooks release (many of which who have had a chance to get a sneak peak of its contents).

"Am I ever excited about this cookbook and thankful for so many good friends who participated!!" Lisa Brown

"Using this cookbook will reconnect me with precious friends and pleasant memories." KC

"I am anxiously waiting to try all the new recipes!" Penny D.

"A piece of Family Week all year round!" (And who wouldn't want that)!! Mrs. Sherry Glass

"I can't decide how many to buy!" Pamela S.

We hope you will get a few copies to share as gifts and please share this information with your friends. Order your books today - it is for a good cause and it's a great book!

For mail in orders, cases, international orders or questions, Email or call Lisa Brown at 1-615-765-7976.

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Andi said...

OH OH OH I need this one, I have been wondering about it! Thank you so much!