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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Heirloom Seeds Sources

It is coming upon that time of year - when we need to collect our seeds (if you weren't able to save them last year) for the coming year's gardening. Or at least request catalogs! I would love to hear where you like to get your heirloom (hopefully organic) seeds from? Please share links in the comments

The companies I have used in the past are:

Seeds of Change - big business, that has been out of things I have tried to order in the last couple years.

Seed Savers - Great grass roots effort

Fedco is a co-op that Ben's mom has used for years (which is how I learned of them). It another "grass roots effort" and great place to look for trees too!

Annies Heirloom Seeds

Horizon Herbs - Best selection of herbs in my opinion!

Baker Creek wins the most gorgeous full color catalog award, as far as I'm concerned!

2 new sources I hope to try this year:

I hope to try a new source this year. It is a family owned and operated business. They have a very nice selection to choose from and a user friendly website. (They are also believers.) Heirloom Acres Seeds They use no chemicals at all and amend their soils only with organic mulches, green manure and animal manure.

Another seller I just found, and hope to try this year is Ohio Heirloom Seeds. If your budget is especially tight - you might want to check here first. They seem to have the least expensive seeds on my list.  Important Update:  Buyer Beware - Please see my comments below - as readers have used this company do NOT recommend them.  We still have not tried them..and with such good experience with the other seed companies that we HAVE used...I do not think we will.  

Hopefully, before too long, we will get the hang of saving our own seeds! However, until then, I am very thankful for places like these, to supply us with seeds each year and seeds for the foundation of our seed saving projects! These are farms worth supporting!

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Anonymous said...

We have used Heirloom Acre Seeds for the past 6 years and have found this company to be the best value in price and number of seeds received. They send LARGE quantities for the price. Have had excellent success with the seed in our organic garden in central KY. All's grace, April

Amber said...

Thanks for posting this list! I have used Baker Creek in the past, and am excited to look at these other sites.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your list. I do, unfortunately, have a strong word of caution in using Heirloom Acres Seed Co. My family has had some very bad experiences with paying and never receiving what we paid for. MANY MANY attenpts to contact them to rectify the problem...you'll never hear from them again, once they have your money. EXTREMELY UNFORTUNATE for this to be the case. Check out their BBB rating, it backs me up. I found this out to late!

Anonymous said...

I agree with what Anonymous said above. In my experience they use family values, religion, and the compassionate appearance of sincerity as wool to make sheep’s clothing to fool you into letting your guard down. Beware.