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Monday, December 19, 2011

What God has Joined Together - Give Away

I am delighted to give away another wonderful resource to encourage families in the concept and application of Betrothal. This is the story of Israel & Brook Wayne (of Wisdom's Gate Ministries) in the format of CD, called What God has Joined Together. It is a wonderful story shared by both the bride and the groom of how they came to the idea of betrothal and the details of how that unfolded for them in a fun "he said - she said" format. The end of the story brought lots of 'hoops and hollers' of excitement and joy from our family when we listened to it. I believe you will be as blessed by this testimony as much as we were.

But wait...theirs more.... :-)

Israel Wayne also offers a course on CD, called Preparing for Marriage that I am excited to include in this drawing. It is a teaching on the practical principals of betrothal, so that young people (and their parents!) may prepare themselves for a path of purity and relying on YHVH to lead them to their future husband/wife. Israel Wayne shares four and a half hours of practical, Biblically based advice and personal testimony on preparing for marriage. In this inspiring, convicting, and sometimes humorous series, Israel discusses dating, courtship, and betrothal and answers the question of; " What is the Biblical pattern for relationships, and how do we walk it out in the real world?" Here are the topic titles:

1. The Dating Culture
2. The Family Culture Courtship: Is It Biblical?
3. Betrothal: Is It Practical?
4. The Betrothal Stage
5. The Divine Romance: Christ and His Bride

I have 2 copies of each of these items that will go to 2 winners of the drawing (1 of each item to each winner). The winners of the drawing will be drawn/announced on Monday, Dec 26. In order to enter the contest, do one or more of the following:
1. Leave a comment saying you would like to enter to win.
2. Post this drawing on your blog linking back here for others to join. (Leave a comment telling me you did!)
3. Announce it on Facebook or Twitter linking people back to this blog post. (And leave a comment telling me you did.)
4. Become a Google follower or email subscriber to HomeShalom (and leave a comment telling me you did).
5. Offer to share your betrothal story at HomeShalom if you have one.
6. If you are a current Google follower or email subscriber to HomeShalom - just leave a comment saying so and that will also get you an extra entry!

My blog is still on the small side - so your chances to win is pretty good! :-) I want to thank Ben, my dear husband, for funding and supporting this drawing!


Andi said...

P - I would love to enter!

Andi said...

I tweeted it!

Christy said...

Hi Pam. I would like to win the "What God has Joined Together" cd and workbook. Thanks for doing this.

proud2bmykswife said...

I would love to win these! We are just learning about courtship and betrothal. I'm an email subscriber to your blog.

jjarjw said...

Shalom Pamela,

I am a google follower and I also subscribe to your blog via email.

I would love to own this great resource. Our children range in age from 20 years old to 11 years old so it would be great to have this resource as a guide. There is so much that is misunderstood about courting, betrothal, etc and the differences as well as what Yah really expects from young people in regards to this subject. We first became interested in this subject when we stumbled across a video from Brayden and Tally's wedding. What a joy and blessing it was to see this video. It moved my husband and I to tears and what we want to see for all our children. Have a blessed week!


suzie20642 said...

I would like to enter to win!!!

ReneeK said...

I want to enter. Looks interesting to learn before the kids get to that age.

Sigalit Chana said...

Please, enter us into your giveaway =) Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely, I'm in!

April B. daughter of the King of kings said...

Our family would be blessed to be picked for the drawing. Thank you for your kindness to share and educate others through your blog. In HIS service, April B. we are subscribers to the blog.

Autumn said...

I would like to enter the contest!