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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Moroccan Eggs

This egg dish is a family favorite! It is a hardy and flavorful sauce in which the eggs are poached. The blend of spices say "Morocco"! It is delicious unto itself, or you might stretch it over toast, over a bed of steamed collard greens or spinach, over fried potatoes, or a bed of rice, millet or quinoa. It is very good to have something else to sop up the delicious sauce!! (This will also spare your guests the inevitable urge to lick the plate!) (Ok...maybe that's just my kids.) :-) This dish is easy to make for a crowd if you have a big enough skillet/pan to do it in. They will feel like they have stayed over at a fancy B&B! This would also make a very flavorful and satisfying dinner too! You must tell me if you try it! (It makes me want to share more recipes with you!) :-)

This sauce is enough to make 4-8 servings or 8-16 eggs (depending on the size of your pan). If you are making less than 4 servings/8 eggs, you might consider cutting the sauce recipe in half. It has a little kick, but if you like it really spicy, just increase your cayenne pepper to taste. If you are serving this on top of (or beside) other things, prepare those things first, as this is pretty quick cooking.

olive oil
1 whole head of garlic
1 Qrt of plain tomato sauce or crushed tomatoes
1/2 tsp each of: cumin, paprika, coriander powder, cayenne pepper, sea salt
1/4 tsp each of: cinnamon, pepper
2 tsp of dried parsley OR cilantro (or a small handful of fresh, chopped)
eggs (2 per person)
(Give your sauce a taste, you may want to add a little rapedura, maple sugar or brown sugar to it - but I usually don't.)

1. Peel and cut your garlic into chunks. (I cut each clove into about 6-8 pieces chunks. You want the pieces to have a presence in your sauce)

2. Saute the garlic in the oil about 2 minutes. Add the tomato sauce and stir. Then add all the spices and stir and simmer. ( The aroma will fill the house and curious on-lookers are sure to arrive!)

3. Crack the desired amount of eggs into the sauce to poach. Cover the pan to simmer for about 5 minutes, give or take. It all depends on how you like your eggs cooked. We like them dippy (but no slimy whites!) - to firm but still with a tender yoke.

Scoop out eggs (and sauce) with a spoon . Garnish with salt and pepper to taste and parsley (or cilantro). Serve with your choice of sides. Enjoy!

**I always like to make more rice, potatoes, beans or greens than I need for one meal, because there are SO MANY delicious ways to re-use the leftovers for quick healthy delicious breakfasts! This is just one of them!

This recipe was shared at Simple Thursdays


Anonymous said...

Oh I use that sauce for what I thought to be a Spanish dish...yummy! We love cilantro and it is known to detox the body of heavy metals. But I never tried poaching eggs in it. It never even occurred to me to do so? What a great breakfast idea too! Love them eggs. :D
Thanks, Pam!

Joshua @ Beyond The Peel said...

Hi Pamela, thanks for introducing yourself at Beyond The Peel. These Moroccan Eggs sound delicious. Have a great day :)

Carol said...

Wow that looks good! I'm all about the food!!! I wish I could travel around the world and taste everyone's food - that would be a great job wouldn't it? hehe I will definitely try this soon. I'm on an Indian food kick right now.
Blessings and shalom - carol

MommySetFree said...

Oh I agree! :-) I think I would have to "walk that tour" though...or I might develope some serious wieght issues. :-) We had friends staying with us for 3 weeks helping us finish our upstairs. They are plane (Messianic) farm family and mostly only eat what they produce on the farm. So they have gotten into the habit of rotating a pretty simple menu. He asked, do you ever eat the same things twice? I said, well I must admit we like variety...and I love to experiment. We do have favorites that we go back to when I don't "feel like cooking", but I must admit, I do like to keep it interesting!! :-) Later my husband said, he was glad I am the way I am, because he would get board with a only 10 meals to choose from week after week. :-) I am thankful for my husband! :-) (Likewise, my children are not picky eaters either! They love food and come up with their own ideas! I have a little saying, " Picking eaters will starve in my house" because I won't indulge that idea or give snacks between meals if meals aren't completed. :-) It hase worked for us! My daughter who is 13 is also skilled cook/baker and my DH likes to jump in and whips stuff up every once in a while too! Last night he made a high end Italian resturant quality chicken pasta, with spinach, garlic, butter and (real) parm sauce...it was fabulous!